That’s not the correct comparison

The average fees for privately run children’s homes are £4,100 a week, roughly five times the cost of keeping an adult in prison. Local authorities are legally responsible for children in care and rely on private providers because of a shortage of places and budget cuts.

What we want to know is what is the cost of a local council place for such children?

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  1. This article by the BBC about the Bulger case says 215k per year in 2015, which works out somewhere near, at least in the case of secure units.

    I actually used to work in the Salford Unit mentioned in the article, back in the 1980s. The system was then moving away from the old borstal system which was run by ex-forces types, towards more individual treatment and rehabilitation. That’s what I imagine is driving up costs. There is a huge amount of time and effort spent in assessing and meeting needs, and then shipping kids out of the local authority to specialist centres which serve larger areas. The old system was cheap because it treated them all pretty much the same, and it was sink or swim for the hard-nuts, the vulnerable, and the oddballs.

  2. The amount of care needed for a child is far greater than that which should be expended upon prisoners (except in Broadmoor and similar institutions). It is also higher than that provided in some council-run children’s homes so the comparison should be with the cost of one of the *properly run* council homes.

  3. Does anyone remember the documentary about the Scottish group that was running a scheme to turn around the lives of youngsters? It was run by ex-Paras and called The Airborne Institute or something like that.

    It seemed to be a roaring success, they really seemed to be getting through to these troubled kids, but it was immediately defunded by the Scottish government because it was politically incorrect, or something.

  4. there was also a
    Manchester charity where the founder was booted out and then reinstated after refusing to take a knee for BLM
    Apparently Black Lives only Matter when you agree with BLM

  5. roughly five times the cost of keeping an adult in prison.

    Yeah, and we also give the little house-apes better food and take some measures to ensure they’re not raped or murdered.

    I suppose if you want to skimp out on those things you could bring child-care costs down. I imagine there’d be a few pedos who’d look after your kids for cost in exchange for you looking the other way.

    We put ever more restrictions on who can be a caregiver and what facilities they must have and then wonder why they’re charging more than prisons?

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