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The old methods of child rearing

Edwin Apps was born in Wingham, Kent, in 1931, the son of Molly and Bertram Apps, a land agent and auctioneer to whom his nanny would take him for a 15-minute conversation before the six o’clock news.

Don’t forget, we conquered a third of the world with people raised this way. A point which you can use to argue either way about child centered parenting……

5 thoughts on “The old methods of child rearing”

  1. No doubt the abandonment of the good old ways is part of the sinister plot by evil foreigners whose wicked conspiracy wrecked the empire.

  2. . . . we conquered a third of the world with people raised this way.

    For the conquering stage we’d need to look at parenting up to, what, 1850? After that we were cruising then declining. By 1931 we were pretty much dead but hadn’t stopped moving yet.

  3. By that timescale, The Beeb killed the Empire and reduced the standard of living many former British subjects. Very little Englander….

  4. PJF
    Yes, we conquered the world in a period of extreme sentimentality, especially about children. Despite infant mortality and death in childbirth being practically the norm, the English wept and moaned more ostentatiously than a Palestinian funeral.

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