The Polymath of Ely

12 thoughts on “The Polymath of Ely”

  1. In the comments to that tweet:

    He invented Corbynomics, you know. Shami Chakrabarti was given the peerage that was rightfully his though.

    And then Prem Sikka, who got his peerage for writing virtually fact-free sycophantic bollocks on tax for the Labour Party. Prem’s peerage must really have stung.

  2. I think of him more as the Polypropylene of Ely – thick, dense, goes on forever and usually full of rubbish.

  3. That’s a top class put down by Barrett. If Murphy had any self-awareness he would feel humiliated, if he were capable of humiliation.

  4. Murphy has the skin of a rhino..over and over he gets exposed as a fraud but is never deterred..retreats back into his blog to offer more worthless misleading opinionated crap which is lapped up by PSR etc..thats gives him his oxygen

  5. Stiv bators

    I’d say he’s thin skinned given 10,000 blocked on Twitter and any critics derided as ‘trolls’

  6. Van patten – you think he’s a big blocker? Reason I say that is I’ve had a dig on Twitter plenty of times and so far unscathed.. maybe I’m going too light

  7. Stiv

    That’s excellent news – is this your Twitter handle as I’ll use my ‘shadow’ account instead to look up your comments on the articles! It’s been nearly 10 years since he blocked me!

  8. Doesn’t even know what the “scientific approach” is. It’s nothing to do with caution or non-caution, the scientific approach is hypothsis, test, examine, chuck away, new hypothesis. Murphy’s approach is assertion, assertion, assertion, cling to assertion.

  9. P³ can’t possibly in any way scientific…

    Following the Way of Science means you have to be able to handle being proven to be wrong…
    Hard enough for real scientists. Murphys track record indicates he’s incapable of the feat..

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