The reason to tax the wealthy

Pilgrim Slight Return says:
June 21 2021 at 10:00 am

It would also be necessary in order to curb their extra -curricula activities like funding low tax parties

13 thoughts on “The reason to tax the wealthy”

  1. Well you can’t have people doing what they want with their own money, can you? Where would it end?

  2. Wouldn’t raising taxes for the wealthy make them more likely to fund low tax parties (do those actually exist?) rather than less?

  3. It’s a fact that flies are attracted to shit and this PSR is a grade a shit sniffer. You just know that in the flesh he’s got a face that you’d never tire of punching.

  4. He’s an odd one. Every long post starts with:

    “Completely agree Richard”
    “Nothing to disagree with Richard”
    “Thanks for this insight Richard”

    He seemingly spend every day on there, then complains his public sector is underfunded and they can’t keep up!

  5. He’s an odd one. Every long post starts with:

    “Completely agree Richard”
    “Nothing to disagree with Richard”
    “Thanks for this insight Richard”

    It’s almost as if PSR is a Spud sock puppet.

  6. “They are funding things I don’t agree with!! They must be punished!!”

    Lovely example of the combo of jealousy and greed…

  7. Perhaps he’s saying that he wants someone other than himself to pay the taxes.

    But I suspect that I’m taking too rational a view of his ideas.

  8. Is a low-tax party one where all the men throw their Prius keys into a hat to commence proceedings?

  9. “It’s almost as if PSR is a Spud sock puppet.”
    That’s an interesting thought, Jimmers.

    Spud>Quakers>Protestant Dissenters>John Bunyan>Pilgrims Progress>PSR

    Trouble is, the Murphy apparition is as thick as two short planks. Too thick for the subtlety. Unless of course he isn’t. And the P3 Murphy is a gig & always has been. A theory I’ve advanced before

  10. bloke in spain

    It’s possible – although he works hard (at least based on interviews and his economics videos) to be as unpleasant when presenting as he is when writing but it is possible it’s an elaborate charade

  11. @VP
    The P3 persona would seem to produce a worthwhile income. He’s not very good at it. Far from the L Ron Hubbard class. But it’s a living. Accountants are ten a penny.

  12. Tim may tear Spud to pieces, intellectually. But as I’d recommend about anything; try to work out what’s actually going on there, rather than just what appears to be going on. He seems to make a living out of peddling economic bullshit. But he’s found a market for it. Might be worth asking Tim. Does he make more out of selling economic reality? It’s not as if there’s any shortage of economists. is there?

  13. The state of the world increasingly proves your principle unsound BiS.

    Gates buys up farmland while the great USA Eviction caper moves along the globo homo elites plan for forced urban shithole box living as per “Ireland 2040”.As the young can now longer buy homes to get started.

    While Bogus Blojob Johnson is already planning ever extended LDs. Though–if Richie Spewknack can be believed without any Great Paid Holiday this time. And 3rd booster shots on hand for the cowardly mugs. All as described in my Canadian Govt meeting transcript of the road-map to Great Reset.

    Not put a foot wrong so far.

    There comes a point were claims of incompetence ring entirely false themselves. Can you explain theses “co-incidences” via bungling BiS?

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