The vertical expression of a horizontal desire

Leading drama school starts misconduct inquiry into ‘sexualised’ dance classes

Sadly for all the delight of being able to use the quote as a headline it appears a little more serious than that.

4 thoughts on “The vertical expression of a horizontal desire”

  1. Small mercies: “all of the allegations … concern students over the age of 18”.

    I suppose outsiders will shrug and ask ‘what do you expect, it’s show business?’.

    Still, a crime’s a crime even if police and prosecutors choose to ignore vast numbers of crimes. Did somebody piss about with the daughter of someone important?

  2. Mrs Worthington’s daughter didn’t listen then.
    Seems she’s not listening now…
    Perhaps she doesn’t know how.

  3. Funny.. During my stint-in-life as a theater techie, the general opinion of directors and dance-captains was that peeps should have taken such a class.. With some lovely thunderous bollockings of the Ensemble on occasion. ( You’re talking Evita, West Side Story, Cats and similar level professional productions..)
    Because when you let gays ( 95% of the population..) dance with girls, and they don’t act, there’s no chemistry so scenes fall flat. Awkward dance school levels of flat..

    And may be oldfashioned, but I do feel you can expect a professional dancer/actor to be able to at least fake some convincing level of passion on demand when the script calls for it.
    Regardless of private preferences. It’s what they get paid for..

    And there’s the shock of a professional level dance instructor who isn’t gay… There aren’t that many..

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