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They’re insane

Oxfordshire has unveiled plans to become the first place in England to ban smoking outside restaurants and offices.

In a bid to become “smoke free” by 2025, the county hopes to create more spaces where people feel “empowered” not to smoke.

17 thoughts on “They’re insane”

  1. Think of it as a natural experiment. How will restaurants just inside the county do compared to those just outside?

  2. We all know who will fail to obey any such law; they will fall into two distinct groups.

    We all know which of those groups will be targeted for enforcement action too, don’t we?

  3. I don’t smoke but I can just imagine that this behaviour (using euphemisms for banning) will eventually be applied to driving ICE vehicles.

  4. La Arnot was given 5 minutes to monologue about this on Today. Her opening statement was that most smokers take up the habit as children. In some mysterious way banning adults from smoking in the open air outside restaurants and factories(!) will solve the problem of childhood smoking. Might it be more effective to ban smoking within 5 metres of a bicycle shed?

    (I am not a smoker).

  5. So no smoking shelters on the property’s land. Smokers will just go on to public land and have a fag on the pavement outside the business. And businesses will see a downturn in customers. Councils and authorities aren’t there to serve the public or businesses, they are there to allow nannying fussbuckets to virtue signal.

  6. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    As a reverse experiment, will Cambridge only allow smokers to enroll? Let’s see who wins, and who produces the more awards!

  7. Arthur the cat,

    It’s not enforceable (yet) but, yeah, people are more likely to go to Bishopstone and Wanborough.

    By the way, the guy pushing pub licenses to stipulate outdoor areas to be smoke free, Andrew McHugh from Cherwell District Council, is a Conservative councillor, in case you think you’re voting from freedom by voting blue.

  8. “Might it be more effective to ban smoking within 5 metres of a bicycle shed?”

    When I was at school, admittedly a bloody long time ago, smoking was banned, near the bike sheds and everywhere else.

  9. I can never understand why we don’t just ban smoking altogether.

    It’s a disgusting habit that agitates a lot of people. Just think of all the money we could save on all the useless bansturbaters we pay to annoy us.

    Oh, wait…

  10. Well I don’t really like the smell of tobacco smoke. But naturally, provided they’re not smoking near me I don’t care.

  11. “empowered not to smoke”
    I’ve never need empowerment to not smoke [I grew up in a household and family where all the others, when adult, smoked at some time.] I’ve never observed anyone else needing empowerment to not smoke.
    What has he/she/they been smoking? is the natural question

  12. All councils need to be gone.

    They are evil scum in their own right and are–along with the law–breeding grounds for national political scum.

    We also need to bring back Covenants. People band together and promise to act to achieve a goal. A good test might be a Covenant of Resistance to any return of LD in Winter 2021. Millions declaring they will not obey regs and will keep their businesses open and act to prevent Plod shutting the business of any fellow Coventor.

  13. “I can never understand why we don’t just ban smoking altogether.”

    Because the vast majority of people who do smoke are generally just one step away from the whole pitchforks and torches thing, and vastly outnumber the Do-Gooder Nannies that try to tell them how to live.

    They’re trying exactly this in Clogland in various places.. The backlash has been….interesting.. 3:)
    Outside the middle/upper class soy-enclaves, “will you bloody well fuck off…” sums up the general polite answer…

  14. It’s interesting to compare with Japan where smoking in public is banned, with smoking only allowed on private premises. The pubs and restaurants *STINK!*, and you get groups of gaspers huddled on the forecourt of the corner shops.

  15. Walking in through a cloud of smoke from all the smokers gathered around the entrance to a pub is annoying, and I can see why they’d want to do something about it.

    But if the pub puts an ashtray on the wall around the corner from the entrance, especially if that’s under some sort of awning to keep the rain off, then the smokers will go and congregate there, and that’s just fine by me.

  16. Oh well if its fine by you Dickie that’s all right then.

    Smoking should be a private matter between landlords and customers . And the Dickie’s of the world can patronise pubs to their nasal content.

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