This amuses more than a little

Guardian piccie to show the problems of drug taking:

Residents say it’s not unusual to see people affected by drugs in the neighbourhood.

OK, let us assume that it’s not staged.

So, look again. How clean is that trackie? How new those trainers? Actually, how clean the person?

Drugs might well be a problem, a poverty of aspirations even, but poverty of cash might not be one of them.

17 thoughts on “This amuses more than a little”

  1. At my local outlet centre, Nike had a sale on. The queue was hundreds long.
    Perhaps they were all getting kitted out for an evenings drug taking.

  2. Until I read the text I was thinking it was a politician collapsed during an early morning jog photo opportunity.

  3. If it was last week I would have said Matt Handycock. But I suppose he’s keeping a low profile these days. Could have been Sajid Javid, I suppose. Or any of the ones a bit short on hair. The previously unused trainers are usually a good clue.

  4. Match the look:
    Nike running shoes, Light grey: £95
    Nike mens basic tracksuit: £60
    Diesel S-Agnes Black Overhead Logo sweatshirt: £65
    Passed out on the pavement: Priceless

  5. And if it’s not staged was medical assistance called? Drugs or heart attack? Or too good to check?

    No, of course it’s staged.

  6. “Residents say it’s not unusual to see people affected by drugs in the neighbourhood.”

    Same in most neighbourhoods. That one is affected by falling over, which means at least that he is not assaulting anyone, driving a car, talking nonsense, or making a horrible stink with herbs.

  7. Suppose I should really buy a new pair myself one of these days. But the holes in the top make my feet cooler.

  8. Of course they’re brand new.. Or close to.. Status is everything.
    You don’t think they stole that stuff themselves, do you?

    The pic may be staged, but is as far as i can tell pretty accurate.

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