This is going to cause some fun

The view that men cannot transition to become women is a “protected belief” under equality law, a tribunal ruled today.

Good that Maya wins of course, but just glory in the shouting about this that is to come…..

12 thoughts on “This is going to cause some fun”

  1. Isn’t the quote itself overplaying what she is claiming which is about differences in biological sex and gender, she’s not saying people can’t transition. In fact her main complaint seems to be people who just ‘claim’ and don’t physically transition

  2. So this means I can go into the female toilet, having just transitioned, rape someone (but it’s only female on female so that’s not too bad), then leave and transition back.

    To quote one of the blokes due for deportation to Pakistan, not really a serious crime.

  3. Oops. Looks like the law actually DENIES the ability to change sex on a whim.

    But this is so unwoke that my error was understandable.

  4. They don’t like it up ’em. A quick look at Twitter suggests the TRAs could compete in the Olympics if only bed-shitting were a sport.

  5. @Boganboy – if you have the time for the hormone treatment, GRS, boob job and facial feminisation before you go in and then time to reverse it all when you come out, good luck. I suggest watching a few videos of the GRS process before you decide on it first, mind.

  6. @MC, that wound me up when this case first hit the news. They also said something similar about Lisa Keough. These women do not “believe” that biological woman are not the same thing as transwomen, it is an objective fact and it’s time that it was acknowledged as such. I am sick of the media referring to it as a belief. It is not.

  7. It is not a belief, it is a fact governed by universal physics and chemistry evident in all complex animal and plants species.

  8. “transition” is one of them horrible euphemisms that doesn’t mean what the word implies.

    Men who are unfortunate enough to chase the fetish dragon into the operating theatre for cock-chopping surgery typically experience lifelong pain, with a hairy suppurating wound they have to constantly try to prevent from healing or they’ll end up with the crotch of a Ken doll. Fun bonus features usually involve a total loss of sexual sensation and it smelling like a clogged toilet in Calcutta.

    This is about as far from being a “woman” as stapling your fingers and toes together and claiming to be Toad of Toad Hall (to the ambulance staff)

    Even the trannies smart enough to not let someone butcher their reproductive glands tend to age like a pint of milk that’s been left on the Sun. Artificial hormones are extremely hard on the organs, and men and women age differently anyway, so youthful sweet transvestites soon end up looking like Les Battersby with misshapen tits. There’s a reason why Thai ladyboys (who are typically much more convincing than white transgenderers) usually don’t last past the age of 30 and why drag queens have to slather on 30 lbs of clown makeup.

    So there is a “transition”, but it’s a transition to pain, suffering, loneliness, regret and looking like Pervert Fred Flintstone instead of UwU pretty-girlyhood. I never understood the fascination with that puzzle box in the HELLRAISER franchise either.

  9. A question that comes to my mind whenever this type of row pops up:

    When we’re told someone “identifies” as a different gender than their physical sex, what does that actually mean? It’s my impression that it’s whatever they claim at any particular moment, and if so, I can switch to female if that line is shorter and back to male on the way out. I do know that some sports organizations have requirements about hormone levels, etc. but I think most of these discussions are based on my example, whatever I say at any moment is definitive.

    It’s an old trick to win an argument, the public assumes that when we talk about “identifying” it means someone who’s all in on living as the opposite sex, but in reality it covers anyone who chooses to “identify” at any time for any reason.

    If there were some clarity on this it might help us in the struggle with how and where to draw certain lines.

  10. And a corollary to the above, what does “transition” mean in this context? Someone who’s just starting to cross-dress? Someone who is taking hormones? Someone who has had surgery? Is it entirely up to the person in question? Excuse me Ellen, are you 100% Elliott now?

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