This is not in fact true

There’s also the question of what is causing the decline in sperm counts. If we take seriously the idea that environmental pollutants are hostile to sperm production, we would expect to see the starkest declines among men living in the most polluted environments. It is well established that the global poor – ie those predominantly (but not exclusively) living in the “other” countries – bear the greatest burdens of environmental pollution. Yet the authors and the media have instead jumped to frame the crisis as one facing “western” men; what is ignored is the fact that the study’s data was insufficient to draw any conclusions for men in the “other” category.

Depends which pollutant.

That’s just simple logic.

Here it’s important too. What’s the most likely pollutant that would affect sperm levels? Endocrine disruptors. What’s the biggest source? Women pissing the remains of the pill into the then reprocessed water supply. Where’s this load likely to be highest? In the rich western countries.

Not saying that’s definitively right – just that the logic being used above ain’t right either.

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  1. When you look at the number of misshapen, doughy, balding, neotenous young “men” and permanently angry manjawed “women” going about these days, I believe it.

    It’s like Jim Henson’s Creature Workshop out there.

  2. Not sure about sperm, but my tackle tries to climb inside whenever I see a munter or a land whale

  3. Only one spermatozoon is needed for fertilisation. Perhaps lower sperm count results in stronger more mobile spermatozoa: quality not quantity.

    Other factors may be that greater wealth and health, fewer deaths at birth and child mortality reduce desire for more children to replenish the stock. This psychological effect could perhaps affect pituitary gland output which controls many things including sex glands.

  4. Where is causing the manjawed women then? Why isn’t drinking pill-pissed water making them more lusciously feminine? I admit to not being a scientist, in fact I had to look up ‘neotenous’ – which led to the amusing discovery that it’s also known as pedomorphism.

  5. MC,
    Isn’t there a female fish that, if it detects no males in the vicinity, turns male? Or is that frogs? Perhaps I’m channeling Jurassic Park. Anyway, it’s that effect.

  6. The death of millions of the best young men of many Nations in two world wars, attacks on traditional male behaviour by feminists (dubbed Toxic Masculinity) and degrading the living conditions of White people in Europe and North America by importing millions of hostile Third-Worlders probably isn’t doing anything to help either…

  7. The poor might live amidst worse pollution, but it’s the rich who ingest the most adulterated foods. BPA (bisphenol A) is an estrogen-mimicking compound used widely in food packaging. If you eat canned / tinned food & drink, or anything in plastic packaging, you’ve eaten BPA.

    Fwiw I suspect that sedentary lifestyles are more relevant.

    Nothing explains the man-jawed women though.

  8. Almost certainly a load of testicles. This scare has been going around for decades now. It is regularly rolled out to demonise modern Western living, smoking etc. Critical thinkers might question the low sample sizes often involved, whether modern testing techniques are compatible with reports of sperm counts from decades ago etc. So obviously it gets a free pass in the press.

    I can remember buying some petrol in France and the receipt proudly proclaiming there was no BPA in it. That’s another one that has been debunked. It’s no wonder a great deal of the population are cowering under the bed with the threat of for them what is a mild respiratory disease, if they believe all this rubbish.

  9. Dennis, Asking The Tough Questions

    If we take seriously the idea that environmental pollutants are hostile to sperm production…

    And what if we don’t? What then? Correlation is not causation.

  10. I am waiting, with bated breath, the results of the biggest Genetically Modified Organism experiment ever carried out on the peoples of the world, especially amongst those who have been vehemently opposed to everything GMO for decades and who blocked giving GM Golden rice to kids to prevent blindness,for a decade.
    Do they even know the treatments are GM?

  11. Not that the eco-nuts ae going to like it but this may be good reason to only ingest bottled water.

  12. “Dearieme, it’s being? I could argue both ways.” “Being” is a gerund and therefore takes the possessive; thus “its being”.

    I don’t think the sense would suffer from using “it being”. What a book on English grammar would recommend I don’t know – it would probably depend on date of publication, or on the age (and education?) of the author. In My Day, we were taught to use the possessive/genitive.

    Consider “His being tall, he plucked peaches from the trees easily”. You can’t use “he”: agreed? And “him” is ugly – though maybe not to everyone’s taste.

    That’ll be three and fourpence, my good man.

  13. Alan Peakall,
    That’s very kind of you. I hope you didn’t go to too much trouble. The fish I was thinking of was freshwater actually, but no doubt it’s a fairly common ability.

  14. If it was chemicals in the water, then all men would be affected. Looking at the stats on births, it seems certain groups of people aren’t affected as they are still breeding like rabbits. So either the chemicals in water cause is bunkum or the men in these certain groups don’t drink.

  15. Occam’s razor. Women in advanced societies put off childbirth to have careers. When they decide they want children their fertility has declined. Nothing to do with sperm counts, and the bollocks spoken about them.

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