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This might not work out as they hope

Stonewall has advised organisations to replace the term mother with “parent who has given birth” to help boost their ranking on an equality leaderboard, The Telegraph can reveal.

The controversial charity has advised employers wishing to be included on their Workplace Equality Index that they must remove all gendered language, and allow those who self-identify as a woman to use female toilets and changing rooms.

Sure, there will be some who do this and hope to move up the leaderboard. There will be others who look at this and shout “Sod it”.

And the more the push grates against common mores the more will say sod it. This being a general truth of course. Whatever might be just and righteous is one thing. How far you can push people toward what you claim is such depends upon what other people think is such already.

That is, what people think is barking mad depends upon what they currently believe, not what might actually be true. Reach too far and it becomes counter-productive.

Of course Stonewall is barking mad on this subject but that’s a different point from the one I’m making.

11 thoughts on “This might not work out as they hope”

  1. This is that scene from 1984 where Winston Smith is asked “How many fingers am I holding up.”

  2. I’m not very fond of popcorn.
    I think I’ll sit back and watch with a packet of Hobbledknobs.

  3. The Pedant-General


    That sounds like the sort of thing that might qualify you for one of the “+” categories that Stonewall is busy pushing….

    Also, can we *please* stop using their favourite term of “gender-critical”. This suggests that is us normal people who are on the weird side of the argument. We are not gender-critical: it’s them that are biological sex-bonkers.

  4. What would all those slebs, who use surrogates so they don’t have to go through the hassle of actually giving birth or having their perfectly sculpted bodies ruined, be called?
    Also, the term ‘father’ would have to he amended to something like, ‘errant sperm donor’.

  5. may I offer a definition which might work.

    Father becomes – the parent who had the cock
    Mother becomes – the parent who had the pussy

  6. When I was a school governor it was a point of pride being told off by Ofted for not having daily religious services. We even abolished the RE department when the last RE teacher retired

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