Truly dangerous logic

The argument Rusbridger is putting forward is simplistic and, in my opinion, wrong: the only way to defeat vile speech – misinformation, propaganda, hate speech and so on – is with more speech. That may be true in the debating halls of a university but it absolutely isn’t true in the wider world, where misinformation, propaganda and hate speech thrive and have demonstrable real-world effects.

I’m currently reading How Fascism Works by Jason Stanley, which goes into some detail about the dehumanisation of minorities.

The alternative on offer is that some group – no, leave alone that this is a loud voice on the subject of trans etc, stick with just any view, any voice, any controller – gets to decide what is true, what may be said, and impose that on everyone.

Which is just what the fascists – all totalitarians – did. Decide that there was only the one set of beliefs that may be uttered aloud.

Fighting fascism by being fascist lacks a certain logic to it.

10 thoughts on “Truly dangerous logic”

  1. Dehumanisation of others is the only way you can explain how these people think it’s OK for a woman to lose her job because she thinks sex is binary and immutable. Or, indeed, for the way Ritchie treats people who criticise him.

  2. The dehumanisation of anyone who has a different opinion, therefore racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, homophobic? That dehumanisation? Anyone who steps out of the group identity they’ve been coralled into by the followers of Derida? That’s narcissistic fascist bullying right there. The left is mentally ill and has lost any contact with objectivity.

  3. ‘ Fighting fascism by being fascist lacks a certain logic to it.’

    Not if you are a Fascist ideologically.

    Empowerment of the State over the individual; central economic planning and control – as Hayek said.

    In modern times, what Fascism actually is, is not taught. Instead it has been distilled into another word for ‘racism’ and anyone with strong opposing views of the Socialist/Fascists now in charge of our institutions.

  4. The funny thing about fascism is how it sneaks in from different directions. In England it’s from the Left. In Scotland it’s from the nationalists. In the US it’s from “antifa” which is, I suppose, anarchist, and from BLM which seems to favour race violence and segregation – pretty much a Nazi party.

  5. “I’m currently reading How Fascism Works by Jason Stanley…”
    As an instruction manual, I presume

  6. SNP are Marxist scum. Antifa are Marxist scum. BLM are more Marxist scum. XR are marxist scum. Hitler got rid of the Marx logo but keep the essential shite. There really is only one enemy at this time.

  7. Saw an interesting quote on Indian politics along the lines of India isn’t Islamaphobic as there’s a difference between fear and hate

  8. Well ‘phobia’ means “an extreme or irrational fear”. There is nothing irrational about India (or any other country) fearing Islam, and extreme fear of Islam is often justified. So Islamophobia is an accurate term, not a problematic one.

  9. Mr Ecks has it right here. The reason that the Nazis are reviled and communism is that Stalin survived and Hitler did not. The Third Reich would eventually collapsed due to its internal contridictions. By the way, the instantiation of Chinese communism looks remarkably like fascism. State control over a private sector.

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