Typical Guardian

The chief executive of the Guardian has quit after losing a battle with editor Katharine Viner over the future of the left-leaning title.

In a fight between the business reality outside that window and ivory tower progressivism the loser is – reality!

We could have predicted this from reading the comment pages, couldn’t we?

Ms Thomas is said to have favoured a more prudent approach after losses were stemmed by pandemic job cuts. Ms Viner is viewed as the spearhead of newsroom demands for reinvestment.

A GMG spokesman said: “Annette has renewed GMG’s strategy, working with editor-in-chief Katharine Viner, increasing investment in journalism, digital products, and other areas.”

We’re only losing £16 million a year. Spend more!

6 thoughts on “Typical Guardian”

  1. One can only hope Viner’s up for Damehood in the New Year Honours List. For her sterling work in bringing the Graun closer to bankruptcy.

  2. I’m surprised at the losing party here.

    Annette Thomas looks to me to be “black” in the Meghan Sussex meaning. Viner is clearly white.

    This surely breaches the Guardian’s core principles?

  3. The Scott Trust can easily afford to lose 16 million a year.
    I don’t know how the money was accumulated but perhaps they are just paying reparations for years of wage slavery.

  4. BraveFart: I thought the Guardian’s core principles were that
    – “whatever we do is correct and driven by morally good, ethical and empathic intentions”.
    – “whatever the right, neoliberals do is wrong even if it is exactly what we would do”

  5. We’re only losing £16 million a year. Spend more!

    This is the correct approach while there are rich idiots willing to bail you out, in much the same way government departments spend money they don’t need to – in order to ensure continued money. This is economic reality at the Guardian. If they drain the Scott Trust (likely if they become one) there will always be a Bezos in need of a vanity project.

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