Sung Taek Jang says:
June 24 2021 at 7:40 am
How do you square including QE in the borrowing figures in these tables.
You can’t repay debt you don’t owe.

I suggest finding another word for borrowing here. Or alternatively stop criticising those who call all deficit spending borrowing.

Richard Murphy says:
June 24 2021 at 8:27 am
They say it is borrowing

I am challenging their narrative

7 thoughts on “Umm”

  1. Good mixing up of the Korean names – but to be honest he is too dim to realise!

    I wonder how long a commentator who made the comment: ‘I’m challenging your narrative’ would last in the comments pages?

  2. I fvcking hate the modern misuse of certain words, eg challenge and narrative, and the lazy illiterate cvnts who misuse them (almost every cvnt on the telly or radio).

    I also object to the appropriation of the once splendid word gay.

    I am nearly 63.

  3. Just when you might have thought Spud couldn’t get any more cvuntish.

    He has a post up about the poor chap who helped him make those videos who has sadly passed away from cancer.

    Spud still manages to make it about himself – the bloke told him he wasn’t well, Spud ‘gets a feeling about these things’ so phoned his wife, his wife said he should go to the doctors, Spud bravely told him to do so and just as well as the bloke’s GP had told him not to go (or something).

    Spud was the hero, Spud saved the day. It could have been fatal if he hadn’t helped (says Spud, seemingly missing the point that it obviously was fatal).

    Spud is a cvnt.

  4. Very sad indeed Andrew. Strange post from Spud. Even stranger is the person in the comments who appears to be making some Covid v Cancer comparison presumably to make a political point. Some people are plain nasty.

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