Waida minute

So seeing the effects of climate change engulf both ends of the country in recent days, with extreme heat in the Northwest and a potentially climate-fueled building collapse in the Southeast,

The condo building collapse in Miami is climate change?

Experts say that while the role of the rising seas in this collapse is still unclear,

Ah, bandwagon jumping.

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  1. The Pedant-General

    No it was shonky maintenance on a shonky build. i.e. every shit dumbing down of edumacation and society that this loon is pushing.

  2. He’s outright lying – the 2018 report was about leaks from the underground swimming pool causing damage, nothing to do with rising sea levels.

  3. Damn. There was me thinking it was a targetted strike by Israeli jets on a building in Gaza. Ten I saw that it was Florida.

  4. I was particularly impressed by this line from the Guardian article:
    “Compounding this problem, the region sits upon limestone, a porous rock that allows rising seawater to bubble up from below.”
    Google Earth shows that the swimming pool of the collapsed building is ~100m from the surf line to the east, with the lagoon (Biscayne bay?) roughly 320m to the west of the site, and the pool deck/ground level is at +3m, placing the basement slab surface at (probably) around +0.5m, meaning the foundations would have been built below sea level. No bubbling up from below needed.

  5. OK, so even if there is a heat wave in the northwest caused by climate change. Let’s just accept that to make the eco-loons happy. What’s the cost of that heatwave been? Because the benefit to the third world of busily burning every bit of fossil fuel they can get their hands on has been the lifting of billions of people out of poverty and extending their lifespans and giving them just enough time to lift their heads up from backbreaking day to day existence to learn stuff and immeasurably better their lives.

    So let’s put that on the scales and see which side comes down hardest.

  6. What f***ing rise in sea levels?!?! Been a significant rise in sea levels half of Florida would be under the Gulf.

  7. Mechanical engineering requires maths.
    Maths is racist.
    Insisting on the right answer is white supremacy.

    Get used to building collapses, they are now public policy.

    Not 3, unless one is counting onwards to 4.
    5 is right out, whatever BB says.

  8. There’s a story running, the fragrant Gina’s left her millionaire husband to move in with Handycock. You couldn’t blame him for putting the boot behind her, could you? Bet the new Chéz Handycock will be a bundle of laughs & joy.

  9. Bloke in Spain:

    Quite. The sea doesn’t come any higher now than it did 60 years ago. Same levels on the same piers and breakwaters etc. Maybe the rising sea levels only affect some parts of the world, though…

  10. Looking at the images of what remains of the building, the slabs that form the balconies seem very thin. If these are consistent with the slabs inside the building, then it suggests a pre-stressed or post-tensioned system in which steel tendons in the concrete floor are tensioned (stretched) to increase the compression on the concrete making it possible to use a thinner slab. The problem is that if the tensioning goes wrong, perhaps because the building is in need of maintenance/repair or is suffering from subsidence (as this one apparent was), and loads are not correctly transferred through the columns, then the tendons can break through the concrete and it all falls apart.

  11. The Northwest heatwave is a bit unusual. We have friends who live near Seattle. They were in LA over the weekend & Alaska Airlines cancelled their flight back – the runway at SeaTac was too hot to land on…

  12. Sea level changes are normal. It’s the fact that sea levels haven’t changed during our industrial heyday that proves we’re affecting the climate.

    Science deniers!

  13. …sits upon limestone, a porous rock…

    Pendantry alert!

    Limestone isn’t porous, it’s pervious

  14. I guess heatwave will be good for the vineyards in the interior, BC grows a fair amount of fruit as well

  15. Seem to recall avg elevation for Florida is only about 10 feet and highest point around 200 feet.
    Amazing the whole place hasn’t been swallowed given the warnings over the last 30 years

  16. Forty year old building. Building on essentially swampland. Florida notorious for sink holes. Swimming pool been leaking into underground for forty years. Likely some delayed maintenance. A wonder there are not more of these incidents.

  17. @bloke in spain: “What f***ing rise in sea levels?!?! Been a significant rise in sea levels half of Florida would be under the Gulf.”

    See https://noc.ac.uk/news/global-sea-level-rise-end-last-ice-age for data. Sea level rose at about 1m per century for a while resulting in a 120m rise. That was up to 6,000 years ago, which sounds like a long time (older than Stonehenge), but there are cave paintings in France and Spain which are a lot older than that.

    And on the subject of the building, there’s corrosive sea air, possibly a bit of subsidence, and the pool leak. We know some of the concrete was cracking (from photos taken only a couple of days before the collapse) which could have let in the sea air and water, making the rebar rust and expand, further cracking the concrete, until it’s just too weak to stay up.

  18. Ha ! Hidtorical sea level rise ! I can remember the days when it was possible to catch a tram from Yarmouth to Helgoland, buy a new suit, not have a fish supper because the sea was so far away and still have change out of a groat.

  19. Writing this 300 feet up a chalk hill, I am already scared that seawater might suddenly engulf me

  20. The 1953 North Sea floods were presumably caused by the high emissions of CO2 in the 60s, 70s, 80s, …

  21. The news is full of “dozens killed in N American heatwave”. They carefully neglect to tell us how many freeze to death in an average winter (80 a year in Canada alone – and that’s proper “keeling over in a blizzard”, not oldies with existing severe illnesses succumbing to pneumonia).

  22. And today is much more like a normal range (on the high end) weather so the ‘extreme weather’ event lasted 3 days

  23. Yet the Southwest (me!), Midwest, and Northeast are tooling along just fine with perfectly normal weather.

  24. Evildrsmith
    June 29, 2021 at 3:01 pm

    No bubbling up from below needed.

    90% of Florida is no more than 6ish feet above sea level.

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