Well, no, not really you know

Hundreds of passengers have been stranded after a regional airline closed down. Stobart Air, based in Dublin, has ceased all operations from today and is appointing a liquidator.

The airline provided a busy network of flights badged as Aer Lingus Regional.

Given the liquidation it wasn’t exactly a busy network, was it?

4 thoughts on “Well, no, not really you know”

  1. Given the liquidation it wasn’t exactly a busy network, was it?

    Sure, they were running at a loss, but they were hoping to make it up on volume.


  2. Seen a lot of this as a result of Coronapanic. It’s not the volume of trade. It’s whether the business is breaking even doing it. Restrictions have imposed added costs. The break even point may have become higher. You can be busy as ever but still going bust.

  3. BIS,

    This isn’t really about the ‘rona. It’s that internal flights have been dying for years because of the internet. Internal flights are about business travel, and businesses have been learning how to do more work without spending £300 to go to Glasgow.

    Rona has hit income and post-Rona, even more will be done on the net as practices have evolved.

    Easyjet will be fine. Hard times, but after all this people are still going to want to go away for a weekend in Barcelona.

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