Well, of course, yes….

Face masks and social distancing measures should continue “forever”, a senior scientist on the Sage committee that advises the Government has said.

Professor Susan Michie on Thursday suggested the measures introduced to tackle the coronavirus pandemic should be retained to help suppress other viruses and boost public health.

And no foreign hollies and keep the pubs closed and what do you mean you want to eat out? Because once we’ve been able to control you then gosh, isn’t this fun, controlling you?

29 thoughts on “Well, of course, yes….”

  1. Susan Michie is of course a member of the Communist party. Does anyone think that a member of the BNP would be allowed to sit on a government committee?

  2. The good news, of course, is that we (the long-suffering British taxpayers) are not funding the Marxist ravings of this clearly insane ‘Professor’.

    Oh – wait…..

  3. “a senior scientist”

    It pisses me off when the media drop everyone into the single category of “scientist”. I’m a scientist but my advice on pandemics is basically as useful as that of any other random bloke down the pub.

    Michie is a psychologist, her specialty is human behaviour. If she honestly thinks the public would live with permanent social distancing she really needs to revise her theories, or maybe get a job in the real world.

  4. The Torygraph on-line poll went with this article showed 5% in agreement with her & a further 15% favouring ending restrictions “Only when Covid is no longer a threat”. Which amounts to the same thing. The common cold’s always a threat. So’s being struck by lightning.
    A noisy 20%’s all you need to be wearing masks forever. FFS! They jump through hoops for the shirtlifters & female impersonators for respectively single figures & too small to measure. let’s not even start on the tinted. All issues these days are driven by the needs of minorities. Not sure what you’d call the opposite of democracy, but these days you seem to have achieved it.

  5. I’m reminded of something happened before I left the UK. Part of the incentive to fuck off. We had a dinner party at my place. About a dozen guests. We got to the point where coffee was being poured & various people reached for their fags. Woman one of my mates had in tow announced she’d appreciate if people didn’t smoke in her presence. She disliked the smell. I suggested she was welcome to go sit in the garden. Like a bomb had gone off. Full on screaming session before she stormed off taking the poor dope with her. Apparently I showed lack of consideration. Yep.

  6. How the fuck did this woman manage to get a seat on the Sage committee? Bribery? Fellatio? Kompromat?

  7. @Arthur the cat: the trouble is, as BiS points out, there’s a significant percentage of people who would ‘live with permanent social distancing’ either because they are idiots who don’t want to think for themselves or they are susceptible to government doom-mongering on Covid.

  8. Will the last sane one to leave...

    Seems lion breeding could pay off handsomely… Followed by big cat indigestion remedies

    Hat-tip to Steve

  9. Apart from this woman being a card carrying communist, her comments on continued social distancing are understandable, having seen a photograph of her. She could well be continually celibate as no self respecting man, or lesbian, would want to get within 6 feet of her. No nooky for her, so no nooky for everyone else. I would suggest that anyone who does mot have high standards and fancies a go at this woman, to carry a paper bag.

  10. JuliaM,

    There’s also a load of people who are quite happy, or just don’t feel much effect of it.

    Mate of mine is a programmer and has spent the last year on his side projects while getting 80% of his regular pay. He’s in no hurry to go back. State-funded bureaucrats who are twiddling their thumbs or doing even less work don’t want to go back. Pensioners mostly don’t care.

    Generally no-one else cares much. We’re all going to have to pay for the £600bn of debt that’s been added, but the whole nation seems to be all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about that. I have no doubt that the Tories are going to raid the taxes of the businesses that kept working, so that they can build more empty railways.

  11. @Penseivat… I’d suggest they carry at least two bags. A classic “double-bagger” if ever I saw one!

  12. Michie is now attempting to row back from this on Twatter. Of course, she didn’t mean that we have to keep all the current controls. Just the ones she likes, presumably.

    What’s interesting here is that a someone who specialises in behaviour control (which is sinister enough…) should move on to specify what behaviours actually need controlling. I would have thought that’s a bit like your electrician telling you what appliances you have to have in your home.

  13. @BoM4

    Pensioners mostly don’t care.

    I’m a pensioner, as are many of my mates, and I can assure you that we fucking-well-DO care!

  14. The health-security theatre couldn’t be more explicit now. The medical rationale for masks is sketchy at best, but the signalling of control and obedience is clear.

  15. Don’t psychologists know that you can only push a population so far into tyranny before you need to invoke violent measures? That isn’t persuasion, or nudging or even NLP, it’s oppression.

  16. Don’t psychologists know that you can only push a population so far into tyranny before you need to invoke violent measures? That isn’t persuasion, or nudging or even NLP, it’s oppression.

    To a communist, that’s a feature not a bug.

  17. @ JuliaM at 8:39 am
    And there’s a lot of people will virtuously accept restrictions on themselves if it causes inconvenience & loss of freedom to others. They preen on being on the “right side” & preen harder the more grief they’re causing.

  18. bis +100
    And they are most often found on the left. The purity of the movement allows them to suffer for the cause. Cunts all.

  19. As ever, my opinion is that if these people want lockdown and social isolation, they can go ahead and lock themselves down and socially isolate themselves.

  20. jgh, but, as with every religious cult, they are not content to live their lives as they see fit, YOU must live YOUR life as they see fit. These people are akin to the Moonies and Mansons family (there are many other sects of lunatics to choose from).

    And decades of evidence, peer reviewed studies etc. show, ‘medical’ masks do not stop the spread of airborne pathogens, viruses or bacteria, no matter what some hastily cobbled together research designed purely to support the politicians whims purports to show.

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