Well, yes, and?

Child sex abuse victims have been accused of lying by police and ignored by mental health services, leading to suicide attempts, an official inquiry has found.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) spoke to 56 victims and survivors of child sexual abuse between the ages of 11 and 21, and 77 specialist child sexual abuse support workers.

The findings, published in a report called Engagement with Children and Young People, show children claimed police accused them of lying when they tried to report abuse.

Some people who have claimed to have been abused children have indeed been lying. So, what is anyone supposed to do?

The Britten/Brammall case isn’t the only one either. The whole Satanic Abuse thing was made up out of whole cloth as well. And so on.

It’s also true that some to many children claiming abuse are not lying – abuse happened and they suffered it.

So, how to sort between these two situations?

8 thoughts on “Well, yes, and?”

  1. Except in the Satanic Panic a lot of the children weren’t deliberately lying, with malice aforethought, but were being lead and encouraged into ever more wildly fanciful accounts by those with an agenda.

    Like those now pushing the ‘police are too harsh’ line here.

  2. So, how to sort between these two situations?

    I read something once about a thing called “detective work”, perhaps they coukd use that ?

  3. The Meissen Bison

    56 victims and survivors of child sexual abuse […] and 77 specialist child sexual abuse support workers

    Specialist child sexual abuse support workers require victims and survivors of child sexual abuse so there is an incentive to be inventive.

  4. A friend of mine got as far as the courtroom over a child abuse case, which a judge took 10 minutes to throw out. Based on what the accuser said, my friend would have needed 8′ long arms. And the CPS decided this was worth prosecuting.

  5. The whole Satanic Abuse thing was made up out of whole cloth as well.

    Nope. Sure, *some* kids were coached by those with another agenda as Julia says. But not all. There’s a strange Gell-Mann sort of effect when it comes to truly unpleasant stuff – a boggle threshold that refuses to accept certain things – like the fact that there really are nutters who believe in evil powers and do horrific things to kids.

    Person: Oh look at the govt/media lying to us about ChinaFlu/Elections/Tax/GlobalWarming – it’s a narrative so what’s really going on eh?

    Media: Satanic abuse is all totally made up, nothing to see here.

    Person: Of course, that’s like totally crazy and I believe the politicians/media on this.

    If there was ritual abuse, and it was being revealed, how would the powers-that-be cover it up? Swamp the evidence with obvious story-tellers tarring all the accusers with the same brush, perhaps?

  6. “So, how to sort between these two situations?”

    Courts. It’s no business of the police to believe or disbeleive somebody, their job is to gather evidence, it’s the courts’ job to beleive or disbeleive somebody.

  7. Cardinal Pell in Victoria seems to have been a classical case of abuse. Not by the God-botherer, but by the police, the prosecution service, and the courts.

    I’m sure Cardinals should be locked up whenever possible, but not on fabricated evidence and in defiance of legal procedures. It had to go to a federal court to get overturned.

  8. I was just about to outline a case of a local pub landlord who had been sent down for four years for child abuse in 2015. I thought at the time that his defence was quite plausible. On checking, I discovered that he went down for 6months in 2019 for another similar but unsuccessful attempt.

    So I won’t bother.

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