What fun

No, really, what glorious fun.

Sure, a bit strange, the whole point of electric instruments and amplification being that you don’t need an orchestra etc. And yet, most fun.

OK, it might not be the preference over the headphones but all the same. There’re 1,000 shit eating grins out there and how many human activities manage that?

(Original tip Craig Newmark. No, the real one, not the adslinger).

12 thoughts on “What fun”

  1. How threateningly WHITE! Positively fascistic. Literally! The whole lot of you to the naughty step for the entire afternoon

  2. @BiS The origin is italian.. The shocking bit there is that there are females in that clip who aren’t pregnant and chained to the kitchen sink… 😛

  3. Got to agree with Steven, really.

    On the other hand, the links did mean that I discovered that the screamy toddler likes to dance to AC/DC and Rammstein.

    I might have to swerve telling Mum about the second.

  4. The sound in most of the videos records only a small percentage of the guitars. Sounds more like 7 or 8 than 350. The original has noticeably more.

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