When the Curajus State is Curajus

Westminster council is acting for all 32 London boroughs.

£6 million is being spent on having emergency body storage.

Of course you could just say this is wise contingency planning. But not in mid-June 2021 is it. In mid-June 2021 it looks like panic in the face of an anticipated Covid wave.

Amazingly, yes, it is contingency planning.

The Authority seeks to procure a framework agreement for temporary body storage in the event of an excess deaths situation ………This will be a contingency contract, only called upon in the event that an excess deaths situation arises…..This will be a contingency cover framework and as such there is no minimum guarantee of any level of spend or call-off

So when the Bastard Tories don;t plan for perchances then they’re Tory Bastards and when the Bastard Tories do plan for perchances then they’re Tory Bastards.

Amazing how the Curajus State isn’t supposed to be Curajus if it’s not P³’s friends running it.

10 thoughts on “When the Curajus State is Curajus”

  1. The way I “look at” it, it’s not even curajus state…
    This is a bit of government being entirely sensible, including the “you won’t get paid until the contingency happens” clause..

    Shocking in and of itself, but not curajus state.

  2. Do they have snowploughs in Nigeria as part of their contingency planning? I humbly suggest that this is in the same order of risk. If we have a lot more dead people just tell the families to cremate them sooner. Charging a storage fee would soon solve the problem.

  3. @Philip, you assume that the families have some sort of say over the timing of funerals. Having had to arrange the funeral of my wife, I had no say whatsoever. It was get in the queue and be told when it could happen. Three weeks as it turned out.

  4. My condolences, Longrider, but you sort of prove my point. Crematoria… no, let’s not go there

  5. Philip, also it is usually the undertakers who do the storing. I have had the same experience as Longrider. I think in a proper emergency ( not this made up one) a lot of frippery would be dispensed with and disposal would be on a more efficient basis under government order.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    Indeed, Ottokring.

    The limiting factor at the moment is the length of the cremation service and hours worked. The last cremation I attended was one of the first under Covid restrictions and it was over Zoom. The service lasted about 30 minutes.

    The capacity could easily be trebled by shortening the service to 15 minutes and adding 4 hours to the nominal 8 hour day.

  7. Doesn’t a large part of London have very definite views on how long between death and internment is allowed, storage is surely not respecting their religious rights

  8. Stamford Hill and Golders Green tend to think within three days. I believe more lately arriving groups have the same sort of view….

  9. BniC, but then they tend to have their own facilities and are not dependent on Bogtown District Council and Unite.

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