Yes, you must be poorer

“We can no longer use plastics to create poorly made garments which are designed to be worn only a handful of times. These use large amounts of energy and create environmental damage in their production, and can take thousands of years to break down,” she said.

“Other materials, such as cotton and viscose, can also create environmental problems, so ultimately it is the scale of production that needs to change.”

We can’t use cotton and so on because that uses up vital resources. We can use plastics because they come from oil.

So, peasants, back to just the two sets of clothing, Sunday best and weekday.

Green always does come down to this, doesn’t it?

16 thoughts on “Yes, you must be poorer”

  1. There are times when I think the environmental movement is about a new form of communism. Then there are times when I think it is really about reintroducing feudalism. Anyone fancy being a serf? Does anyone want to live on turnips and potatoes?

  2. There was an item on radio 4 yesterday (which I only half heard) about how bad the garment trade is, and the upshot was that some bunch of greens are going to make jeans locally to prove it can be done ie grow the cotton weave it etc. But, they needed volunteers and a government grant to even get the project off the ground. And they would make two whole pairs of jeans if it was successful. So hardly any clothes and reduced land for food production. Rejoice, peasants.

  3. @Jimmers

    A bit like the chicken salad sandwich experiment that a YouTuber did a few years back. Except he did it to prove how good the free market was. And he did not try a grift the tax payers.

  4. I just checked out the website for the Communist Party of Great Britain. It has a shop selling communist party merchandise. Am I missing something?

  5. This could cause trouble. My underpants are so ragged that even I’m thinking of buying new ones.

    Perhaps I should stage a protest outside the Green headquarters, wearing my splendid holy shorts as well, to show them just what the scenery will be like if their reforms go through.

  6. Wool, linen, recycled plastic.

    Bamboo is often touted as a wonder fabric but it basically means rayon, production of which requires some pretty toxic chemicals.

    I suppose silk is out of the question.

  7. Greenery really has been a boon to politics. Back in the old days politicians had to promise to make your lives better, and they generally failed to deliver. Now they promise to make your lives worse for the sake of the planet, and they invariably succeed.

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