A small message concerning Cuba

I say, Shut-up you egghead flap-gums. We’ve got the whole rest of history to sweat the small stuff. And those discredited peace creeps, they can zip their soup-coolers too. They think Mikhail Gorbachev is a visionary? Yeah, he’s a visionary. Like Hirohito was after Nagasaki. We won. And let’s not anybody forget it. We the people, the free and equal citizens of democracies, we living exemplars of the Rights of Man tore a new asshole in International Communism. Their wall is breached. Their gutstring is busted. The rot of their body politic fills the nostrils of the earth with a glorious stink. We cleaned the clock of Marxism. We mopped the floor with them. We ran the Reds through the ringer and hung them out to dry. The privileges of liberty and the sanctity of the individual went out and whipped butt.

It’s not quite done and dusted just yet but we’ll get there, we’ll get there.

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  1. We cleaned the clock of Marxism. We mopped the floor with them. We ran the Reds through the ringer and hung them out to dry.

    I love PJ as much as the next man but he’s dead wrong on this. I’d say that Marxism and Communism are more of a danger to the West now than at any time in the last 50 years – The Long March Through the Institutions and all that malarkey.

    Not much of a problem in Eastern Europe because they had 45 years of commie rule so they’re wise to it and they know exactly how to deal with the filth:


  2. Mr O’Rourke rather underestimated the fifth column; that rot he smelled was actually our culture run through with maggots. Unless there’s a military coup(s) or some sort of very late “Hungarian Spring”, we are fucked.

    Always though Steyn had more insight.

  3. Yeah right. The Right watched the collapse of the USSR and the Eastern Bloc and took their eye off the ball, wallowed in their own righteousness, played the role of magnanimous victor, and allowed the Left to colonise the entire Western world’s governmental structure, with the results we see today. Former Soviet Russia is now probably a freer place to live than the UK or USA. The Right assumed they were playing against honourable people who would accept their life’s ambitions had been turned to dust and would meekly accept being consigned to the dustbin of history. Instead they continued their long march through the institutions and the Right did not one thing to stop them. Where are the laws outlawing glorification of communism and the Soviet Union? The laws outlawing any former communist from having any role in the State apparatus? The laws putting the teaching of the horrors of communism in the 20th century on a par with what is taught about Nazism? Nowhere of course, because the Right is ‘better than that’.

    And where has this got us? We have arrived at a point where an open member of the Communist Party of GB is dictating public policy to the ‘democratically elected’ government of the day. Remind me again who won the Cold War?

  4. Dunno about being so triumphal just yet – genuinely dunno, don’t know either any Cubans or any Cuban analysts who have a more informed picture. But certainly the Venezuelan regime seems to have survived more intense demos than this one. I think a lot comes down to how fiercely the regime is prepared to fight and whether they still carry enough forces with them to not make a Ceausescu-esque mess of their attempted last stand. The East German border guards had essentially given up on The System. The tank drivers of Beijing remained committed. There do seem to be reports of policemen joining demonstrations in Cuba, but also of other police clamping down and regime supporters/thugs taking to the streets the same way Chavistas could be relied upon.

  5. Jim is 100% correct.

    Our own dear Blojob Johnscum is now moving to vax pass shite as his 1st step (to be combined with “public digital identity wallets”) to create CCP type social credit tyranny. Because it is only way he can force greenfreak ruin on to us.

    When push comes to shove millions of us can’t and won’t be spending 20,000 on shite heat-sinks or whatever eco-fuck the wankers are talking about. Nor are we giving up our real petrol cars for leccyshite glorified milk floats powered by 5x price windmillwank leccy.

    Bogus knows he doesn’t have enough costumed thugs–inc squaddie scumbags-or courts/beaks/jails to enforce that shite.

    So UK becomes a social credit open-air prison where you cant get food or fuck-all else unless you suck govt dick.

    This is the big battle of our age and we must win it or lose everything including our bright high-tech future. Already put £100 into fighting the “forced vax of care-home workers” –which fuck-bag clapping seal MP scum are voting on tomorrow. And £200 into legal challenge to any vax pass legal turds that emerge from Johnson’s rectum.

    Regardless of laws I will be pushing into any places trying to keep me out unless they have too much muscle on staff. And will sabotage any I can if they do. I think millions of us wont be taking their gene re-writing lie juice or going to the back of the bus.

    Everybody with sense needs to join in. Or it will be this:


    leading to this:


  6. Ears: The whole point about the tanks in Beijing is that the Beijing tank drivers had no opportunity to have their loyalty tested, the Beijing corps were kept in barracks and not allowed to get involved. The tank drivers were from the provinces with no loyalty to the counter-revolutionaries trying to bring down the system.

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