Aha, that explains it!

Why the Tax Justice Network is getting things wrong:

Pilgrim Slight Return says:
July 14 2021 at 8:54 pm
Bill Kruse is right and if you have read ‘The Road to Mont Pelerin’ you’ll know that that’s how the Neo-libs work – they infiltrate and influence and depending on whether they are in Government or civil society either promote neo-lib ideas or strangle anything that threatens to expose its hollow cod-intellectualism.

Either I, or Eamonn Butler, has infiltrated them…..

14 thoughts on “Aha, that explains it!”

  1. I of course believe that that is how the wicked Greens and other leftists work. It’ll be interesting to see which of these sinister conspiracies finally comes out on top.

    But naturally I really believe that the evil leftists are rampant and triumphant, and that we are just a few ragged remnants that their iron heel hasn’t yet ground to a pulp.

  2. No, Dennis. Not enough imagination for such a weird handle.
    Runing PSR through an anagram solver comes up dry too.

  3. No, Dennis. Not enough imagination for such a weird handle.
    Runing PSR through an anagram solver comes up dry too.

  4. PSR>Pilgrims Progress>John Bunyan>C17th Puritanism>Quakers>His Spudness

    It is an affectation of bullshit purveyors, they like to leave the evidence in clear sight. It appeals to their vanity, they are more intelligent than those they bullshit.

  5. Dunno… isn’t PSR just like “our” Ecksy?
    Mirrored, of course. But definitely the same flavour of…. fervor..

  6. Nah, if you want to know the reason Spud is apoplectic at TJN, it’s buried away in his ‘report’.

    “Would funders be better advised to redirect resources to the investigation of domestic
    tax gaps, their causes, implications and the means to both assess them and tackle their

    I wonder who he wants those resources redirected to?

    He wants some of the money TJN is getting.

  7. Andrew C

    I have often thought given the sheer level of grift pervading the blog that his financial situation must be quite perilous

  8. Van: So why doesn’t he go out and get a job. According to the news this morning employers are fighting each other for workers.

  9. jgh

    But for someone that eminent to be stacking shelves would be a major comedown, even if he had the capability to perform such a task!!

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