An evil truth

So, this infamy of colonialisation, massacre of the native peoples:

Moreover, callous disrespect for native culture cannot be equated with the deliberate genocidal events that mar the pasts of many countries. In world-historical terms, Canada’s record is among the best.

A truth, however evil it is, is that the less effective the genocide the greater the current furore about it.

No, not saying that First Nations in Canada were well and wondrously treated. But the genocide of the Patagonian Indians was in fact effective. Which is why there’s no shouting about it now – there’re none left to be shouting. The same could be said of Cape Hottentots.

Or even, given that there’s near no identifiably of sub-Saharan origin population in the Arab world there’s not the same focus upon the slave trade as there is where some 13% of the population are so descended – like in the US. Despite the numbers enslaved and moved being roughly similar. One enslaved population propagated, the other didn’t, which explains the difference in current consideration.

It’s an evil observation but it’s also true.

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  1. White slaves in North Africa were not allowed to reproduce (apart from a tiny number of favoured ones) which, as you say, is why there is no identifiable European presence of former slaves there. Whether that made it more or less barbaric than black slavery in the Americas is an interesting question.

  2. Hottentots? They may not exist as a distinct group but they left plenty of descendants in the melange which used to be called Cape Coloured. The San ie Bushmen we’re persecuted by both settler and Bantu pastoralists for their predation on domestic animals, surviving as a distinct group in remoter desert areas but otherwise absorbed into both Coloured and those Bantu groups which adopted their distinctive clicks into their language.

  3. I read a little article recently on the ethnic cleansing by Russia of Russians in Harbin just after WW2.
    There can’t be many examples of this sort of extermination being done by your own on your own race. Looks like Stalin did a thorough job as there are no descendants there moaning about it.

  4. Think there was a girl in my school whose family came from Harbin or wherever. But of course they fled to Oz in time.

  5. Most of the Russians in Harbin would have been Whites from the Russian Civil War, or their descendents. So political rather than ethnic animus would have been behind it.

    He dealt to the Cossacks and Ukrainians pretty savagely too.

  6. Yes, but it doesn’t matter.

    Blacks aren’t actually oppressed in the United States or Bristol (lol), but that didn’t deter BLM/antifa because this kind of thing isn’t “about” truth or reality. Woke mobs are unhappy and antisocial people, desperate for any opportunity to manifest their psychodrama in public, and if events don’t supply an excuse they’ll simply invent one.

    But they don’t really matter either. If they ever stop being useful to TPTB they’ll find themselves banned from the internet and in jail so fast their pronouns will spin.

    At the level of elite opinionising it’s about this: As activists destroy the past to arrive at Year Zero, the world’s first postnational state is rising from the ashes.

    This is why Jeff Bezos, Microsoft, MasterCard, Cisco, Coca Cola, Google, Disney, British Telecommunications plc, etc. etc. are all-in on wokeshit. They’re not interested in clever arguments or historical facts. It’s not even necessarily about money (the C suite already has money). They’re interested in power.

  7. . . . the less effective the genocide the greater the current furore about it.

    The Isra Aylies are taking fucking ages.

  8. The problem is Steve, weakening the country to take it over makes it easier for other people to take over as well. I really don’t think this is going to pan out the way they think.

  9. A truth, however evil it is, is that the less effective the genocide the greater the current furore about it.

    Not really Tim, it’s as Steve Sailer says: ” who, whom”. In other words it’s not about genocide or persecution at all, it’s about who carried it out and against whom. So we have weekly documentaries on TV about the Holocaust but nothing at all about the Armenian genocide; films and documentaries about the Rwandan genocide but nothing about the Holodomor. This is not accidental. it’s by design.
    People dying of neglect and disease in boarding schools in the late 19th and early 20th century is horrible but isn’t of the same order of magnitude; however the perpetrators were White Christians ( boo, hiss!) so it’s ok to gin up hatred of them and if that leads to attacks on them and their places of worship it’s no big deal.

  10. Let’s not forget the near-genocide of the Moriori by the not so cuddly Maori. Less than 200 years ago but never mentioned in polite society.

    And how about all the Native American tribes “displaced” by the Lakota Sioux who promptly designated the Black Hills as a sacred site and are still successfully peddling that same line today.

  11. “callous disrespect for native culture”

    What fucking culture? It was unscientific pagan woo and not even particularly good pagan woo. There isn’t a Shakespeare or Homer of the native peoples of America. Oral tradition? How far did that get you? To a point of being less advanced that the Roman empire when we arrived. There’s nothing as advanced as Pont Du Gard, which was built 1300 years before Columbus.

    Most of this stuff is about a tiny number of professional grifters looking for jobs/payouts. The native kids who left those schools with reading, writing, science and a knowledge of great literature would have lived much better lives for it.

    If these people had really been so fucking great, they’d have been sailing over to England and Spain and colonising us.

  12. The white Russians in Manchuria fought for the Japanese during WWII. They were unfortunate enough to be massacred by the Russians following the fall of Japan, but those who weren’t massacred by Stalin’s mob were killed by the Japanese, so got it from both sides.

  13. Steve and Jonathan have it right.

    This woke bollocks is all about putting a pseudo moral and historical sheen on naked anti white hatred.

    And its being pushed by a group who managed to criminalise any questioning of their history.

    That’s some trick.

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