As the Swedish pointed out

Rising numbers of people testing positive for Covid-19 are refusing to hand over details of close contacts, as the numbers forced to self-isolate reached a record high.

Official statistics show almost one quarter of people who tested positive for Covid-19 in the week ending July 21 would not provide details of any recent close contacts.

In total, 76.9 per cent of such cases provided such details – with compliance falling by almost 10 per cent in the past month.

Folks will only do whatever for some limited period of time. Therefore save the imposition of doing whatever until it is really necessary.

And the Swedish experience is looking better all the time, isn’t it?

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    I think Australia is a better example than Sweden:

    COVID: Sydney seeks military help amid record rise in cases
    Australia’s largest city has been hit hard by a major outbreak of the highly contagious delta variant in recent weeks. Despite strict lockdown measures, the spread of the virus has continued.

    Sydney has been in a lockdown for weeks, with measures set to continue until the end of August

    Police in Sydney have requested military help to enforce a coronavirus lockdown that is poised to enter its sixth week.

    Mick Fuller, police commissioner for the state of New South Wales, said he had asked for 300 Australian Defense Force personnel to be deployed “to boost [the police force’s] operational footprint.”

    The request for assistance comes at a time when authorities are struggling to curb a surge in new infections in the state’s capital, Sydney.

    The biggest frustration for Aussies must be seeing that there’s no way out of this cycle and it will only get worse as their immune systems become more fragile. Even if they magically had 100% full vaccination tomorrow, cases, hospitalisations and deaths won’t be zero, as can be seen in Israel, Gibraltar, Iceland and Malta, to name a few places.

    Those squaddies won’t be armed but what happens if those demonstrations continue and the soldiers get sucked in to the violence?

    I know the slippery slope is meant to be a logical fallacy, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t and won’t happen, it just means its not a given.

    I’m not sure how the younger me would have dealt with it when I was serving, the older me likes to think that the younger me would have told TPTB to fuck-off, I serve to protect the country and people from outside forces, not to imprison them at the behest of the government.

    When Military Aid to the Civil Powers was discussed when I was serving it was always on the assumption that law and order had broken down because of the actions of a foreign power and the vast majority of the country supported the action. It will be interesting to see how Australia deals with it. We need Aussies to man-up on this one to send a signal that that using the military is a step too far.

  2. Never mind the younger me as a soldier, how about the younger me as one upon whom the rules are being imposed? Squaddies will do what their sergeants tell them to do, who will basically do (I think in this situation) what their officers tell them to do. But there aren’t enough of them to contain a proper rebellion: what amazes me is the compliance.

    As to Tim’s original point, this is why they will make it compulsory to carry an always-on device that monitors your whereabouts and those of everyone else. They won’t need to rely on you to help out then. Could THAT be the moment of rebellion? Don’t bank on it. People are having a number done on them and they can’t see it.

  3. I reckon given the circumstances the modern BiND might have got away with pulling a sickie, especially given how easy the tests are to fake.

  4. Australia can’t reopen untill people get vaccinated, and government appears to be ready to use any means necessary to achieve that, including locking people in their homes “until morale improves.”

  5. What are the refuseniks thinking? “I’ll tell my friends myself, let them decide. I’m not going to grass them up to your database.”

    A reasonable POV even for a covidast.

  6. It is a load of deceitful powergrabbing bullshit and no one should co-op in any way with it.

    As for Australian Thug Theatre–that is all it is. What are the mugs supposed tom do? Kknocke on your door and ask if you are being a good lad today? Enraging in itself but you just say yes and shut the door. The cost of this is enormous and cant be sustained and there are far too few squaddie/ploddie goons to keep it up. Let alone Aus -wide.

    It would have been more amusing and less enraging to have got a group of stuntmen in Mad Max villain costumes roar about the neighbourhood on bikes /weird vehicles while the Lord Humungous shouts cod-amusing threats through a loudspeaker. As if you were the besieged greenies from the film. Which is near enough true down under. That would have been funny and might have brought out some humour. But this toffee-box martial law lite is just enraging.

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