Because this has been happening for a couple of centuries now

While there’s British interference, there’s going to be action’: why a hardcore of dissident Irish republicans are not giving up

It’s been happening since Wolfe Tone and Young Ireland and all the rest. Probably before that back to the Vikings in Dublin.

Get up enough head of steam to revolt against the oppressors and carry enough of the population with you. So, concessions are made. Repeal the Anti-Catholic Laws, or legalise Erse, or partition, or whichever of those concessions over time you want to think about.

This peels off some large portion of the rebellious who go back to some sort of acceptance of this new status quo. And leaves the radical fringe still shouting. Who then gain, grain by grain, support for their more radical demands and we get to a large enough portion of the population that another set of concessions are made.

Thus the IRA, The Official IRA, the Provisional IRA, the INLA, the Continuity IRA, the 32 County lads and on and on.

Been happening for centuries. It’ll also continue if as and when there’s the one state on the island of Ireland, there will be those out there with the Armalites shooting for a properly socialist state, or for the Pol Pot solution, or invading England in search of reparations. Because there are always those sufficiently disatisfied enough with the society around them to take up arms. This not being a specifically Irish problem, you can round up a few nutters in any society.

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  1. there are always those sufficiently disatisfied enough with the society around them to take up arms

    And yet nobody in England takes up arms against the French or Spanish; nor do their citizens seek vengeance on us.

    Yes, there will always be malcontents. The important thing is to direct their ire away from us.

  2. Road signs daunted green to get bilingual place names, a few second homes torched decades ago but always rugby for us Welsh.

  3. No doubt the Guardian also approves the noble Orangemen fighting against the evil interference of the vile Papists down south.

  4. Whatever fire the Irish had has long since gone out judging by their cowardly cock-sucking response to the plandemic tyranny. The vax-pass motherfucks will do as their EU-owned masters tell them to.

    Unless perhaps any commenters out there know of any substantial resistance in the Emerald Isle. There is the Computing Forever bloke and a few others but seems to be little more.

  5. “Probably before that back to the Vikings in Dublin.” Oh come now. What about the Dark Ages Irish colonies in what are now Scotland, Wales, and England? We are a small archipelago so armies sail to and fro. People get expelled, slaughtered, enslaved, whatever. That’s humans for you.

  6. ‘ This not being a specifically Irish problem…’

    It is.

    Ireland’s greatest export was and is its people, particularly the young. The good people get out leaving behind a particular breed of rebellious dross whose particular skill is living in the 17th Century and who will fight each other or anybody else over a speck of dirt.

  7. Surreptitious Evil

    If it wasn’t for deep-frying everything and the bagpipes (although I appreciate opinions on the latter are fundamentally divided), whining about the English would be 95% of Scottish culture. The remaining 5% being Buckie (Made in England), Irn-Bru and sectarian football violence.

  8. @MC

    I think that’s an awful lot closer to the truth than most Irish would care to admit.

    @Mr Ecks

    Quite. Ireland is the ABSOLUTE bitch of the EU and deserves everything its gets to be honest. I do feel for those few Irish who genuinely want out, but if there was a referendum tomorrow, it would very likely be overwhelmingly to stay.

    For fish it was particularly stark. Having whored itself for – actually I’m not sure what the arse bandit umpa lumpa thought he was going to get. Its quite breathtaking how hard Ireland has been bent over and had the titanium strap on rammed up its metaphorical arse. There are no “Irish” waters, there are EU waters and the EU have that in writing so suck it up bitches or leave. Ditto taxes etc etc etc (actually tis is true for ALL EU countries).

    And before anybody says it, yes I know, the EU whore mindset is still far too prevalent it what passes for a British government, but us being out means they don’t actually have an excuse.

  9. All these reporters just for fun should ask a YetanotherIRA member questions about ever closer union and subsidiarity and qmv.

  10. I recall a very fun discussion in Durty Nelly’s involving many pints of the black stuff taken with a local hotelier, who was hugely enthusiastic for EU membership, while I was trying to explain why the UK was so lukewarm (this was back in 2001). I pointed out that the EU had effectively bought every Irish citizen a new Mercedes (from the cars on the road, this appeared not to be a metaphor), so I was unsurprised at the popularity of membership. I also pointed out that new accessions meant this generosity would not last.

  11. ‘What about the Dark Ages Irish colonies in what are now Scotland, Wales, and England?’

    Yep dearime. You’re reminding me of Niall of the Nine Hostages. The poor old southern Brits didn’t get rid of the Romans before Irish colonialism started up.

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