Don’t Send Money!

Much thanks to those who have supported server costs etc for Expunct and Continental Telegraph.

They’ve clearly not worked and so are going to cease being fully operated at the end of this month.

So, please don’t send any more money.

Of course, anyone who wants to buy me a beer or a steak dinner is more than welcome to do so. But that’s a different matter.

In order for either of those two sites to actually work it was necessary to get into Google News. Continental was at one time and it did work then. Ad revenue from it made it worth doing. Not a fortune by any means but the fun plus some money was worthwhile. Quite why it dropped out well, I don’t know. Some tell me that being right wing – by which they mean free market etc – gets you banned but I just don’t know. It’s entirely possible that it wasn’t enough of a news site.

There will be the occasional update just to keep the sites ticking over but nothing like the regular entries there have been.

On to the next adventure. I’ve several ideas for e-books. We’ll see if I can stop procrastinating long enough to actually scribble them out.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Send Money!”

  1. Yes please, I think that’s best. I’m sure there’s a way for us to not try collecting them but belt and braces, belt and braces…..

  2. Well done for stopping something that wasn’t working. Maybe like TED talks there will be another time round, particularly if google changes.
    Thank you for all the fun articles on those sites and the great comments.

  3. How about a job as a university professor (no academic experience or qualifications beyond a first degree required) or a grant from the taxpayer or a charitable trust that doesn’t fund individuals?

  4. Can’t help notice Tim’s begging bowl opposite contains 47 quid. Last time I looked he was a grand up out of 1500. So presumably that target completed, another one started. Don’t know how many of these he’s done.
    Must be galling for the p3. Markets in operation. Money freely given for benefits perceived as received. No compulsion. Completely voluntary & discretionary. No oiled for grants from tax fiddle fake charities. No syphoned off government money. Or EU money with strings attached. No brown-nosing political creeps. Wonder how much he’d raise from the commentariat of his blog. 30 bob? Have the entirety of them got £1.50 between them without searching down the back of the sofa? They don’t come over as the most successful people going, do they?

  5. Sorry that it didn’t work out, but glad to see you trying new things. Have transferred my contribution to this blog instead, well worth the interesting entertainment.

  6. Tim
    There are other advertising possibilities instead of Google. I think Paul Staines is behind the one that he uses on order-order and it’s available for other sites.


  7. Have you thought about writing a column for Carl Benjamin/ He seems to have cracked the money and publicity side of things, and would be very unlikely to cancel you for “being right-wing”.

    While he’s not explicitly said he’s looking for more columnists, it might be worth getting in touch.

  8. Did you ever write up the slags & ores adventure? Sounded interesting from the outside
    If there are non-obvious elephant traps, that would be useful to the rest of us

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