Elect another people

Take what comfort you can. The worst is yet to come.

Sorry, but it’s true. The country chose Johnson. The harm will last a very long time.

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  1. Johnson has had three successes. (i) Brexit – or at least 80% Brexit, (ii) Sourcing the vaccines, (iii) Injecting them. That’s more than most PMs get anywhere near. On the downside his lockdowns have been a thoroughly bad idea. Worse, everything else he plans is bad or worse: HS2 + Ecoshit. Pat him on the back, kick him on the arse, and replace him.

    But with whom? Anyone in Ely up for the job?

  2. On Brexit, none of the people campaigned for first getting referendum in the first place, then getting a Leave result, seemed to have considered tactics for after winning what they wanted. So you got three years of Remain fighting & nearly winning rearguard actions & counter attacks. They couldn’t see that winning the referendum result would only be only the opening shots in the battle, not the victory parade. So I wouldn’t assign credit to Blojo for narrowly avoiding a defeat he himself nearly precipitated.

  3. I don’t know the context, but Spud is correct. However, if we can get rid of Bozo before anyone has to pay for his green delusions then we’re OK. Ish.

  4. Dennis: Oppressor, Warmonger, Capitalist and Consumer of Petroleum Products

    Ah, more COVID porn from Murph. It must *checks calendar* Saturday.

    It’s funny to note that he starts this particular bit of gloom ‘n’ doom with…

    Tea, toast and marmalade. A warm Saturday morning in the garden. And time to reflect on a week.

    Crying about The End of the World As We Know It while having a dainty English breakfast in one’s garden might create a bit of cognitive dissonance amongst those readers not weak minded enough to be his fans.

  5. dearieme,
    I fear you can add covid passports to that downside list. It’s going to be the smoking ban all over again. Tell us it’ll be optional so we don’t complain too much then introduce a blanket ban at the insistance of the French who won’t let us cross the channel if we don’t match their system.

  6. Johnson knew that he would never be PM as matters stood under Treason May. So he decided–after David Davies made the first resignation–to take a chance on being PM by being the only Tory grandee to reverse the sign-up to May’s sell out and try for a sort-of Brexit . As it turned out he was more wise than before or since in his actions. He still tried to use Treason’s blueprint to sell us out re NI and might yet have done so.

    After that it was down hill all the way. Fuck the vast expense to obtain and inject dim mugs with a gene re-write. That is a black mark. And no evidence vax does shite either way. Massively exaggerated govt death and infection figs using false positive PCR tests to make a bad winter flu seem like end of the world added in with big pharma’s self-serving cockrot= no one knows what the crap does. It causes a lot–more than any other vax–of side effects but no evidence it either protects from C19 or makes it worse. Those x2 jab mugs being told they have caught con-vid anyway are mostly failing PCR tests. Mainly because of number of tests-we do more than all Europe together– and also people having summer coughs /colds /hay fever etc. Claims of however-many-it-is-this-time waves are cockrot. All C19 deaths need to be post mortem’d in public to ascertain who died of what. I believe you will marvel at how few died of kung flu.

    Bogus is now the globo elites man who plans vax pass as first step-later joined with “public digital identity wallet” shite-to CCP-style social credit system. Which is only way he can force his greenfreak ruin plans on us. Not enough costumed thugs either police or Army nor beaks/courts/jails. I think there will be enough of us to stop his shite.

  7. I hate to even sound like I’m supporting Ecksy, but isn’t it fun that apparently the **truly official** deaths caused by C19 itself over a – what? 15 month period? – are set at 152.

    It would be good to see the Official Figures completely drop the “with covid” counting and simply record deaths.

    If someone comes up with a clearly reasonable algorithm for assigning blame between covid, obesity, diabetes, heart weakness, untreated high blood pressure etc, then the counting can be modified.

  8. @ dearieme:

    Johnson has had three successes. (i) Brexit – or at least 80% Brexit, (ii) Sourcing the vaccines, (iii) Injecting them.

    I’ll grant him those, but the biggest problem – and it’s a whopper – with Boris is that he’s repeatedly said that he favours an amnesty for illegal immigrants, or to put it another way: he hates the British people.

  9. @ BiTiN
    Over a year ago Chris Whitty told us that the best method of measuring the impact was “excess deaths” – were you listening?

  10. would those be the excess deaths are now below the official average, even after they fiddled the average by changing the timeframe it covered?

    In Canada the excess deaths in under 65 exceed the Covid figures significantly yet no one seems interested in discussing why that might be….from official govt stats site so not exactly a secret, accidental poisoning is the new polite way of saying overdose

    “among Canadians aged 0 to 64 there were 5,535 more deaths than expected were there no pandemic, after accounting for changes in the population such as aging. Over the same period, 1,380 COVID-19 deaths have been attributed to the same age group (those younger than 65), suggesting that the excess mortality is, in large part, related to other factors such as increases in the number deaths attributed to causes associated with substance use and misuse, including unintentional (accidental) poisonings and diseases and conditions related to alcohol consumption.”

  11. @BiTiN..

    I haven’t looked recently, but the NHS were issuing their figures for “deaths in hospital” split between “having co-morbidities” and “not having…”* for each age group. In total the split was about 95:5, so of the 150K deaths attributed to C19 (thanks to a severely shonky classification system). Thus it’s not unreasonable to suggest that the actual deaths from C19 were about 7,500 – which compares very favourably with “normal” seasonal ‘flu, apart from C19’s preference for the very old (‘flu being more of an “equal opportunities” killer).

    * – “none apparent at time of death”

  12. I think the England and Wales excess deaths were c70k for 2020 looking at the average over the previous 5 years, c60k above the worst of those 5 years.

    Certainly not the c150k everyone keeps banging on about. Around +10% the 5 year average.

    Sweden – no lockdown – had excess mortality +1.5%.

    Every time there was any bad news in Sweden, the MSM were quick to decry their stance. Now no-one talks about Sweden.

  13. J77, BniC, BiTiN, BJ, Andrew C

    “Excess deaths”. Talking to the converted obviously, but simple mortality is something we can’t fudge.


    I don’t know how to upload a graph here, but you guys are all excellent with numbers anyway. Take May 2021, Table 1, column O. Either wait for June (next week) or put in a rough estimate for now. Summarise years using July to June as the basis (rather than the calendar basis at Table 10), so that one gets the whole winter season (where the action is) into the same year. Also we get to include the full Dec>Feb “second wave” in 20/21, and the initial surge in 19/20, so it’s all now included. Graph using columns – 20 years gives a good view….

    Obvious downward trend for say a decade from turn of the century. Sure, 20/21 looks slightly higher than the immediate preceding years. But look at 18/19 and then consider the usual dry tinder effects. If it’s not the WKF or not in 20/21, the peaks and troughs tend to even themselves out over time. Not saying it wasn’t real, obviously, but anything more than “a very naughty flu” it was not. As most on here know, we’ve been played, spectacularly.

  14. Edit: Sorry, 19/20 looks higher than the immediate preceding years, not 20/21. 20/21 almost goes back to normal again.

  15. DM

    Yes, same data. But, if you do July-June, rather than calendar, then the 18/19 dip is more pronounced, 19/20 almost looks like a dry tinder catch-up, and 20/21 looks like it’s little more than back to 17/18 level.

    I’m simplifying slightly (as I can’t upload the graph), but from 16/17 through to 20/21, it looks very roughly (relatively) like 10, 10, 9.5, 10.5, 10.

    Ie, one can see 21 months of below average data through 18/19 and 19/20 before the spring 2020 surge materially cancels out that prior 21 month saving. 20/21 only slightly registers, due to low summer 20 and the following low spring 21 mostly offsetting “the mighty 20/21 winter second wave”.

    Not saying it wasn’t real or anything, but the more one analyses it in its surrounding context…

    Someone somewhere will post on the July-June basis soon, and it’ll perhaps be clearer.

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