Shark attacks are to be rebranded as “negative encounters” or “interactions” in an attempt to change the predators’ image as a “man-eating monster.”

Sigh. Really, we should be continuing to remind people that the entirety of nature wishes to eat us. The entirety of the enterprise being what’s for lunch – or, who is lunch?

Well, OK, that bit of it that isn’t who will have sex with me but while humans are pretty weird at the extremes sharks are unlikely to take off as Grindr or Tinder dates.

25 thoughts on “Euphemisms”

  1. You seldom have “negative encounters” with sharks on Streatham High Street.

    If you don’t see the benefits of a “direct human-to-shark interface with bonus teeth-on-flesh interaction” then don’t get into the water in places that are infested with sharks.

  2. I used to swim with a triathlon club in an old gravel pit that reputedly had some fairly big bitey fish in it, not sharks obviously. I was told that no one had ever had a negative encounter. I assume that fish can tell how big other swimmers are from their movement in the water and only tackle the small ones.

  3. Will machete attacks on London streets be similarly rebranded, I wonder? Or is it only predatory fish that need an image overhaul?

  4. JuliaM said:
    “Will machete attacks on London streets be similarly rebranded, I wonder?”

    Isn’t that what “vibrant” is used for?

  5. news at 11 : Ozzie coast is not safe for clueless humans, and coastal resorts catering to clueless humans object to this simple fact.

    Won’t matter to the tigers and nurses when it’s dinnertime. And really.. those are just the obvious and most visible dangers..

  6. It ain’t the sharks you have to worry about when swimming in Oz, it’s the box jellyfish. And the sea snakes. And …

  7. You could be bashed by a buffalo, crushed by a cow, squashed by a sheep. Just to show we wicked whites have introduced a few things too.

    Of course we also introduced the guns to kill the crocs and baited lines to kill the sharks. Naturally they’re now protected, so they can eat us in peace.

  8. First it was Gypsy Moths to be re-named. Now it’s shark attacks to be re-named. What’s next?

  9. I’ve heard that shark attacks are often as a result of mistaken identity, so always make the effort to introduce yourself to a shark if you meet one.

  10. blackbirds?

    Henry Crun, wash your mouth out with soap! They are not called “Blackbirds”. They are correctly called “women of Afro-Caribbean origin”.

  11. Our interest in sharks is because they are dangerous. If they were just another predator in the sea we wouldn’t care.

    Imagine selling “Tuna Week” as a concept.

  12. Chester….unfortunately Discovery channel has 4 or 5 seasons of exactly that… Tuna anglers with all the whistles and bells such…documentaries… tend to have.
    And they do run them back-to-back in Slow Season, just not as hyped as “shark week” .

    You occasionally see the DVD’s in the bargain bin..

  13. Apparently anything nasty that has regional element to its name is getting renamed saw something today about invasive Asian Carp being renamed, much the same way we weren’t allowed to call it Chinese flu and the variants were renamed to Greek letters rather than the place first identified

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