Even? Seriously Guardian…..

Tesla second-quarter profits top $1bn even as it struggles to handle demand

If people are trying to buy more than you can sell them then yes, profits are a likely result.

14 thoughts on “Even? Seriously Guardian…..”

  1. The Guardian does not exist because someone wants their product…..

    So how can anyone else?

  2. How much is real profit from selling cars as distinct from government subsidies, bitcoin stuff etc? Doesn’t the Graun say?

  3. @Diogenes

    That, as they say, is the real story

    Musk’s real talents seem to be subsidy farming and crypto currency speculation. I think the carmaking bit is a loss leader

    A bit like the Mafia selling house insurance

  4. Bloke in West London

    Subsidy revenue was about $350 million this quarter and they sold a record number of cars so I’m guessing it is mostly profit from cars. With 200,000 units sold they only need to make a couple of grand off each for that amount of profit.

  5. Lots of mugs buying leccy cars. Kalifonia Kommies too dim and too well off to care about reality. For now anyway.

  6. I don’t get it. Who spends £50K on a car that isn’t a fanny magnet? You can get a BMW, a Porsche or an Alfa for that money.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    Is that $1bn PBITDA? Given the massive investments, yes tax payer supported, that’s quite a turnaround. Wasn’t his battery operation thought to be close to bankruptcy before he did some corporate restructuring?

  8. @Bloke on M4

    I don’t know about a fanny magnet, but a Tossler is certainly a cunt magnet.

    Who is actually buying all these milk floats that are apparently in the process of “taking over”. I keep an eye out these days, and I can pretty well count them on the fingers of one stump.

    But then, I don’t live in London.

    I thought Tossler made more money selling “credits” to real car makers rather than cars.

  9. @Mark

    Other car makers shafted by chip shortage: fewer cars registered by other makes (Tesla’s main customer here is Fiat-Chrysler Stellantis) means the market for “regulatory credits” is down. TSLA accounts show $354m raised this way, so they actually made a profit selling cars for the first time ever. When govt subsidies to buyers are taken into account, that evaporates, though.

  10. Mark said:
    “I thought Tossler made more money selling “credits” to real car makers rather than cars.”

    Ah, is that how they do it? So everyone who buys a new petrol car has to subsidise an electric one?

  11. All of the car manufacturers seem to be pushing their hybrid and electric cars to the complete exclusion of their ICE cars. All of the people on the Cazoo ads are buying an ICE car though. I live near Hull and I see a small number of electric cars out and about. I would be interested to know how many people buy a second one.

  12. Bloke on M4 said:
    “I don’t get it. Who spends £50K on a car that isn’t a fanny magnet?”

    It probably is, but these things depend on taste. Not sure I’d want the sort that an electric car would attract.

  13. @Matt

    Well given the ferocious “milk floats are cheaper to run” meme, based on the assumptions of huge direct subsidies to (new) buyers (second hand buyers don’t exist in the brave new world) and laughably cheap – or even free – charging, electric jesus might be relatively honest by comparison. (Electric jesus. Wish I could claim credit for that, but alas no!)

    A magic money tree is one thing but a magic power tree is something else entirely (that tree in avatar is a mere twig by comparison)

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