Fun fact!

Iggy Pop played with a pair of brothers in The Stooges – and at least at one point they were on drums and bass.

The Iggy album we’ve all heard bits of (the one with Bowie and containing The Passenger and Lust for Life) had a pair of brothers on drums and bass.

Different pair mind. It rather blew my mind to find out that the second pair were actually the sons of Soupy Sales….

7 thoughts on “Fun fact!”

  1. dearieme

    Apparently it is not pronounced the same way as the bloke who had the big knife.

    I’m worth a million in prizes
    With my torture film
    Drive a G.T.O.
    Wear a uniform
    All on a government loan
    Eh heh, turned out nice again !

  2. I can be really dopey at times. It took me several decades to work out that the Bebop Deluxe song ‘Jet Silver and the Dolls of Venus’ was about Bowie.

  3. Tony on Bass, Hunt on Drums. They were also part of Bowie’s rather dreadful Tin Machine.

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