Glorious Bureaucracy!

Up to five million Britons face being locked out of European holidays because their vaccines are not recognised by the EU’s passport scheme, the Telegraph has learned.

Millions of vaccines administered here do not qualify for the European Union’s vaccine passport scheme, because the shots were manufactured in India and are not yet authorised by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

18 thoughts on “Glorious Bureaucracy!”

  1. Being one of those affected means it will he doubtful that I can attend my granddaughter’s wedding in Skiathos in September. I would also suggest that this has less to do with the EU licensing of that particular vaccine than the Merkel led intent to find any excuse to cause problems for the British after Brexit. It seems that hell hath no fury like a vindictive, menopausal, Teutonic, bitch.

  2. After posting my comment, saw BiC’s contribution. It’s good news for me, but I stand by my description of Merkel.

  3. Penseivat: compared with how Merkel treated the Weimar judge who ruled against masking and lockdowns for children on human rights grounds, sending in federal police to do early am raids on judge’s family and associates, discriminating against Brits is minor, while she’s trying to make the thirties great again.

  4. @Penseivat,

    ‘hell hath no fury like a vindictive, menopausal, Teutonic, bitch’

    Why the feck are you so complimentary to Adolf Hitler’s illegitimate daughter?

    (loved the description, though)

  5. @Penseivat ymmv for september given the volatility in colour codes and regulations, but as far as I can read the actual current rules and procedures, nothing stops you from actually visiting for a wedding, unless the UK is declared Red by the EU.

    As long as you’ve been vaccinated/been certified as recovered from WuFLu and can show a recent negative PCR test you can travel from the UK into the EU for valid reasons.
    Weddings and other such family functions count as valid reasons as far as I can tell.
    Whether the greek busybodies also accurately apply the current rules I do not know, of course… They’re ..well.. Greek..

    As far as Frau Merkel is concerned.. You’re essentially correct… but .. from what I get from my german acquaintances and friends… The current alternative would be far worse.. Like the Grauniad Establishment getting their way worse…

  6. Incidentally.. If I were to travel to the UK right now, bad 4G reception/mindcontrol and all, from Clogland I would have to have:
    a) proof of vaccination
    b) a negative pcr test that’s maximum 72 hours old before boarding.
    c) prebook a pcr-test on day 2 and 8 of my enforced and self-financed quarantine of 2 weeks.

    before I could try and go anywhere, and hope the UK busybodies haven called another lockdow/changed the rules anyway…

    Compared to proof of vaccination and one nasal rape to get into EU territory from the UK…
    I do wonder if all those returning UK tourists would have to do the same..

  7. I know; let’s leave NATO, or at least adopt that haughty French part-in, part-out idea.

    Buggered if I can see the point of our troops fannying around in the Baltics if we are forever to be harassed by Eurocunts.

  8. You can take the vindictive, menopausal, Teutonic, bitch out of East Germany, but you can’t take the East Germany out of the vindictive, menopausal, Teutonic, bitch.

  9. @Grikath, you seem to be missing the point. As far as the EU, or at least several of its members, are concerned, your proof of vaccination is not valid if the vaccine was an Indian-manufactured AZ vaccine.

  10. @dearieme
    “let’s leave NATO”
    Indeed, the whole ‘North Atlantic’ thing seems highly flexible in definition, and not to our advantage.
    ‘North Atlantic’ now includes Ukraine and the Black Sea, when the US want some chump to be shot at and sunk, but not the South Atlantic, when the Argentinians start a war with real bangsticks and bombey things. Where were our allies then?

    Oh yes, selling arms to the other side.

  11. Tim,
    To be fair, the US* offered a fair bit of help/support to the UK during the Falklands, and NATO has well defined areas of operation – or rather areas of ‘application’, which meant that the UK couldn’t ask for assistance under article 5 even it had wanted to (which I suspect it didn’t, for political reasons).
    Even the French played nicely with us (The Argentine Exocets were delivered before the war, and the French pulled their technical teams when the war started). It’s worth noting that the newest ships in the Argentinian navy were two Type 42 destroyers supplied by the UK just a few years prior to the war, so we need to be a little careful with the insults.
    *By which I mean the US President (Ronnie) and the US defence department / US armed forces. The US state department seemed to show an initial preference for the murderous Argentinean junta.

  12. @Alex yes, as it should be, given that the vaccine hasn’t been through the qualification mill, but sideloaded by the UK/NHS.

    It’s a different brand, and as such should have been through the mill as such, regardless of the place or equal method of manufacture.
    As it actually should have been in the UK as well, but TPTB decided to ignore their own ( actually even stricter…) rules on this and got caught out..
    Made using the same process, branded and sold as a distinct vaccine, as is clear from the article. So it should have been evaluated as a distinct vaccine and deployed as such, and not covered under the “AZ umbrella” as the same vaccine with merely a different place of production as has been done.

    I’m as much a fan of Officious Red Tape as anyone here, and no fan of the EU, but replacing brand A with brand B under the hood and not telling people tends to get you in trouble, porridge-level of trouble if you do it with medicines any other day…
    This is a “problem” of the UK’s own making , and rather than doing the it’s Trump! it’s the EU!!one1 kneejerking, it may be an idea of looking a bit harder at what a certain amorous Health Secretary and the lot of career chairwarmers he was supposed to oversee have gotten up to besides this..

    And honestly.. For the holiday makers the point is moot anyway, given that with the juli 1st update the UK has been firmly settled into Orange for at least the next month or so, and UK-ians won’t get into the EU to begin with, unless for a very limited list of reasons.
    And “going on a holiday” is not on that one.

  13. @Evildrsmith
    Fair enough, I had tongue firmly in cheek 🙂
    The US military were superb in support*, despite the best efforts of their politicos to stop them (Ronnie aside, but what can a US president do?)

    Our best ally was Pinochet’s Chile: and look what we did to him, when he was old and ill.

    *Love the tale of the US wallah at Ascension, who offered aviation fuel. The RAF requested what amounted to a whole tanker full, and another tanker worth for next month.
    USAF wallah: “OK, but can you really burn all that fuel?”
    RAF wallah: “Oh yes”

  14. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    “As far as Frau Merkel is concerned.. You’re essentially correct… but .. from what I get from my german acquaintances and friends… The current alternative would be far worse.. Like the Grauniad Establishment getting their way worse”

    What is the current alternative? There is now no possible universe in which the CDU is not in the driving seat for another four years, and all of those possible universes are indeed less bad than any of the possibilities now thankfully off the table. But still looking dreadfully shitty. CDU’s dream coalition partner is the greens, which is the worst of all still-possible universes. AfD, having sat on the extremist fence for years, have decided they are nazis after all (partly because they have been driven into that corner by media and politics) and thereby made themselves uncoalitionable.

    Things are looking very, very bad for the Germany province of North Korea.

  15. @BiNK(Gp) Any working majority of Grüne + Socialists + whomever they can rope in? ( which includes the CDU because they need to be in because they *need* the line all the way down to get Stuff Done from the federal level…)

    It’s already happening in places, and it’s not pretty…

    And I’m honestly not worried about the AfD… They only exist because of the extreme mistrust to outright hatred of the current set of options. To the tune of…. oh wait…
    But they’ll fragment as soon as they get any real power. In that respect they’re just like the Other Side. Can’t agree on breakfast, won’t compromise, won’t get to lunch.

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