Happy Birthday Y’All

Although we’d just like to remind you that we won.

Our two top dogs are Brenda and Boris. In your respective positions you’ve Joe and Nancy.

Yeah, we won.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Y’All”

  1. um yeah and i’ve always thought september ’83’s the real starting off point. Think VA day or something. #cornwallisdidnothingwrong

  2. Some of us here in the UK also celebrate 4th July as the day we managed to offload one of the colonies.

  3. Think the Brits need to keep one of it’s top dogs on a tighter leash. Maybe even a good thrashing’s in order. It’s trying to do those sort of things dogs will do if they’re not trained properly. Trying to become dominant. Leader of the pack. It’s probably sleeping across doorways or claiming the sofa. Scent marking in corners when you’re not looking. And if you see it dragging its arse on the carpet it needs worming.

  4. The Revolutionary War was a Brits versus Brits affair, wasn’t it? So we can quite comfortably claim the Brits won.

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