Heck of a bass player

I’m told The Times will have their view for tomorrow……

16 thoughts on “Heck of a bass player”

  1. Dennis, Who Probably Just Offended Someone, Somewhere

    For jazz, yes. John Entwhistle is the bass player to end all bass players when it come to rock.

    ZZTop was a fine band, and a lot of fun. What struck me is the fact the original trio played together for 50 years. What other rock band lasted 20 years with its original lineup?

  2. Billy Gibbons is pretty good as a guitarist.

    I have a lot of ZZ Top albums, including most of the pre – Eliminator stuff.

  3. Jazz

    Old stuff is OK but I think modern jazz might sound better if the band members could all play the same song at the same time.

  4. Dennis, He of Refined Taste

    Andrew C –

    Nothing finer than Miles Davis during his electric years. Check out Bitches Brew, On The Corner (and the sessions), Jack Johnson (and the sessions), and just about anything by the Miles Davis Quintet. All of it is pure gold.

  5. The Meissen Bison

    Dennis: John Entwhistle is the bass player to end all bass players when it come to rock.

    Yes, didn’t he start out as a French horn player? I seem to remember and early Who album when he actually played Fr Horn.

  6. Backdrop to my early Houston years (’70s), though I never got to see them live until their Afterburner tour (London ’86).

  7. Dennis, Musicologist to the Gods

    Actually, I think Entwhistle started on the piano, moved to French Horn, and then to bass. He stated that playing the piano helped train his fingers to reach, which allowed him to do some of the things he did.

  8. Dennis, He of Refined Taste

    Tal Wilkenfeld

    If she had my good looks you’d have never heard of her.

    Plus, she plays with Jeff Beck, which always has to be considered a lapse in judgment.

  9. I am sufficiently shallow to find it most amusing that Frank Beard is the member of ZZ Top without a beard.

    Come on! It’s a BIT funny…

  10. I saw them live aeons ago as a support act and it was pretty clear from the calls for an encore that this was a pretty special band with a great future. Thankfully, we have a great recorded archive, but they were close to unsurpassable live.

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