Who Is Eric Adams?
New York’s new mayor-in-waiting is in some ways a throwback to an older era of urban politics.

So if I’d written a headline calling a black guy a throwback the Twatterati would be after me, right?

Since it’s a progressive using the infelicitous phrasing they get a pass, right?

12 thoughts on “Humph”

  1. But one semi-distinctive identity that Adams carved for himself during the campaign was the Democratic version of a Republican trope: that liberal cultural and economic elites were seeking to impose their politics on working-class voters who didn’t share them.

    Imagine stating the obvious tho.

  2. Talking of risible pols, Michael Deacon in the Telegraph tells me that the father of Sir Kneel Starmer worked in a factory. But I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that the old boy owned the factory. Can anyone shed light?

  3. Well… “working in a factory” in and of itself doesn’t proclaim where in the factory, and at what level that work is done…

    Could be his dad had an office onsite..

  4. According to the link, Keir Starmer worked for a whole *six* months on the line in his daddy’s (Rodney Starmer’s) factory before going on to university.

    The man understands the working-class – he’s lived as they do! /s

  5. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    I’m somewhat surprised they didn’t call him an Uncle Tom.

    Although that is coming…

  6. @John Lewis. Just the job; thank you. Being “prolier than thou” is so twentieth century. Is he a man out of time?

    Sir Kneel Starmer “worked for a whole *six* months on the line in his daddy’s (Rodney Starmer’s) factory before going on to university.” I wonder why he had six months free. Had he taken Oxbridge entrance exams and (presumably) failed to gain admission? Or had he taken six months jaunting about the world and worked six months to help pay for it?

  7. Ah, the Gap Yah
    Competition time. Did he
    A. smoke dope in India
    B. pick grapes in France
    C. sheer a sheep down under
    D. sink a well in Uganda

  8. Well, I did two months unpaid work experience in the medical physics department of the local hospital writing computer code and building computer hardware immediately before going to university. There’s this thing called the summer holidays y’know. Also, the summer in the middle of sixth form and the summer before sixth form. Valuable experience of getting my hands on different equipment that I’d never be able to afford myself, getting up early (though I was already doing that to get to the school computer room for 8am), writing reports (though I’d already been doing that for school assignments).

    Wot, don’t they teach kids this in schools nowadays? HTF do they expect to manage at university?

  9. two months < six months. If he's not lying about the time spent then there's an explanation to be sought. Of course, maybe he spent six months in the clink and six months working for daddy.

    "unpaid work experience": I spent my last three summer hols working around the harbour. Yer actual work – sweating under the sun.

    "getting up early": yeah, me too. The tide waits for no boy. Plenty of light by the back of six in early July. Which meant rising and cycling before six. Bet Sir Kneel's experience was rather more comfortable.

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