Interesting imagery

Well, I’ve long identified as Danish: after all I’m from Yorkshire, a county spattered by the DNA of marauding Norsemen,

Well, yes, although it tends to be true that creating the next generation works a little better with a little less spattering and a tad more aim.

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  1. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Doesn’t that sound a bit rapey? Or does it rather mean a bit of the old “refugees welcome”?

  2. Many Englishmen in last night’s crowd were of the view that Danish men did indeed follow the example of Onan.

  3. MrsBud is from Yorkshire. She has red hair, her maiden name is of Norman origin and she and her family only ever buy Lurpak, but they were all supporting England.

  4. I identify as Danish because I like pastries. Can I have a highly paid Glenda Slag column, please?

  5. I quite like Danish lager. My current favourite though is Tiger beer that claims to originate in Singapore. Studying the label reveals that it is brewed in UK by Heineken.

  6. I have to admit that I wound up my family by proclaiming loyalty to King Cnut during the game.

    Stonyground, you will even find that many Belgian Abbey beers are no longer brewed in abbeys. Mort Subite gueuze is no longer brewed in open vessels for wild yeasts to waft down to start the fermentation. The brewers just feed blasts of yeast-enriched air into the normal brewing kettles

  7. The reason a lot of favourite beers around the World resemble Danish premium lager is that so many brewmasters were educated at the international brewmaster School at the Old Tuborg site in Hellerup, Denmark. Brewery engineers from many countries came to Hellerup, learned how to make Tuborg Gold Label, and then went home and made Stella in Egypt, Maccabi in Israel, Fix in Greece, Tiger in Singapore whatever. But it’s all Tuborg Gold. Incidentally, Mads Mikkelsen lives nearby!

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