It just has to be added, doesn’t it?

Given about 13 million British women are either peri- or postmenopausal, with some trans and non-binary people on similar journeys, the silence seems oddly deafening.

The trans bit is clearly a rounding error but this is The Guardian so it does need to be mentioned.


11 thoughts on “It just has to be added, doesn’t it?”

  1. “the silence seems oddly deafening”.. it’s odd that some/most just pull up their super pants and get on with life?

  2. But because menstrual blood is gross in our society, there’s no conversation about it.

    Why don’t we have more conversations about menstrual blood, mucus, or semen?

    As my gran once said when I asked her to stop talking about death over Christmas dinner, that’s good talk!

  3. . . . with some trans and non-binary people on similar journeys . . .

    She can’t just hedge her bigotry like that. The whole article should be withdrawn and rewritten with the hateful emphasis on these “women” people expunged.

  4. Tim

    Although it’s probably superfluous to point it out you may want to look at the post ‘Why the government is lying’ chez P3 albeit you may believe you have risked the economic illiteracy in that sufficiently over the last decade – it is truly moronic though. Sub GCSE

  5. If you have a bunch of 12-year-olds in the car, you can’t say: ‘Sorry chaps, I’m just bleeding heavily today,’” says Pickett, a 48-year-old

    Should’ve had children earlier.

  6. @V_P

    From the Spiked online piece.

    “vile misogynistic abuse”

    Is the hate aimed at JK Rowling misogynistic? I’m sure any man expressing the same views would be subject to the same abuse. Likewise the abuse hurlers would be hurling if JK had said “men can be women and vice versa, they only have to say so”.

    My only complaint at the piece. As similarly much of the “racist abuse” hurled at the England penalty incompetents* didn’t mention their race, only their incompetence.

    We are rapidly reaching a point where any criticism aimed at anyone who can identify a minority or special group that they belong to is automatically “-ist” abuse.

    *Matt Le Tissier, 47 successful penalties from 48 taken as a professional. A success rate of 97.9%. England took 6 penalties during Euro 2020/1 and score from 2 (Harry Kane missed v Denmark and then followed up) – a success rate of 33.3%

  7. Andrew C

    I’d agree 100% with your contention (obviously I didn’t craft the Spiked piece) – in the identity politics era your identity is a trump card. Who wouldn’t play it? In fairness a lot of the feminists complaining about being cancelled (probably not Rowling who I’d say is usually fairly apolitical) were quite happy to cancel male critics and people they perceived as sexist in the 80s and 90s so them getting their just desserts at the hands of the various LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual) groups – all of whom want discrete and special treatment increasingly by law – was gratifying at least in part.

    I remember Matt Le Tissier well – indeed I saw him put one of those 47 away (Sending Segers the wrong way on one of the final games at the Old Plough Lane) Last time I was in Guernsey the Cab driver taking me to the hotel gave me his card and it was ‘Carl Le Tissier’ – Matt’s brother. He said ‘Le Tiss’ was doing well…

  8. many women experience periods that can disrupt their lives and careers

    Seems the examples are ‘needs to bring a change of clothes just in case’ and ‘its embarrassing to explain heavy flow to 12 year old boys’. Doesn’t seem to be particularly life disrupting to me. About on par with incontinence, really.

    But because menstrual blood is gross in our society, there’s no conversation about it. There must be women round the world just pretending they need to dash off for some other reason.”

    I don’t normally announce that I’ve got a turtlehead peaking out and need to dash off for a massive shite either. But its something we all do and its something we all generally prefer to politely ignore.

    You’re not going to miss a promotion because you have massive bleeding (unlike pissing your pants in a meeting, diaper or no) and no one’s going to make fun of you – indeed, we’ll be extremely solicitous of the health of anyone who’s bleeding profusely, no matter where its from.

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