It’s an odd thing to protest against

Several of the groups have protested against what they say are politically-motivated expulsions of members who have been accused of anti-Semitism.

It’s a political party. Of course things are done for political reasons.

It’s especially odd coming from these groupuscules, whose motivating force is that every decision should be subject to politics – what gets taught, what gets made, by whom and where, should be a political decision. What, after all, is a “truly democratic economy” than one driven by political motivations?

10 thoughts on “It’s an odd thing to protest against”

  1. The Labour Party plans to cut up to a quarter of its staff after finding itself in a dire financial situation brought on by a mass exodus of members and a slew of anti-Semitism cases


  2. Someday I suppose someone will tell me which charges of anti-semitism are genuine and which are merely complaints that people have been rude about Israel.

    As for Corbyn; “friends” and family claim that there’s not the least whiff of anti-semitism about him. But what about his enthusiastic – but later lied about – celebration of the terrorist who murdered Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics? That goes far beyond being rude about Israel. I can see why people, Jew or Gentile, might suppose that that was an anti-semitic act, even making allowances for Corbyn’s obviously low IQ.

  3. Dearieme – I dunno. Never seen Corbo do anything objectively anti-Semitical, just the usual tedious #FreePalestine #IsraelBad homotwattery that’s been popular on the woke Left since the first spotty, opinionated, undergraduate prick put on the first keffiyeh and Commie hat combo circa 1972 or whatever.

    His friendship with terrorists is ecumenical, the guy’s never met a violent scumbag spouting pseudo-Marxian anti-Israel, anti-American or anti-British bullshit buzzword bingo that he didn’t get a little comradely stiffy for.

    On t’other hand, it’s obvious that a lot of Jews hate, hate, haaaate Jeremy Corbyn with an alarming Hebraic zeal that’s usually reserved for complaining about portion sizes.

    Idk what he did to deserve being smeared as “an existential threat to Jewish life”, which is the kind of talk non-insane people would usually reserve for Literally Hitler. I’ve never seen The Jews declare war on someone like that since David Irving annoyed them about the Holocaust.

  4. Never seen Corbo do anything objectively anti-Semitical, just the usual tedious #FreePalestine #IsraelBad homotwattery that’s been popular on the woke Left

    I think overt support for hamas, with its stated aim of ridding “palestine” of jews “from the river to the sea”, is at best pretty close to antisemitism.

  5. @ Steve:

    On t’other hand, it’s obvious that a lot of Jews hate, hate, haaaate Jeremy Corbyn…

    Which seems odd given that it was a Jewish millionaire – Jon Lansman – who founded Momentum and put Jezza into the top Labour job, until you realise that what we’re seeing is actually a purge of anti-Zionists.

  6. BiW – sure, it could be antisemitism by proxy, in the same way anti-apartheid campaigners wanted the white population of South Africa to lose control over the society they created and be preyed on by thieving, rapey, machete-wielding Bantu thugs.

    Jonathan – Something along those lines, I expect. If the Yank regime is the Great Satan and Israel is Little Satan, I spose our neocon-blighted foreign policy makes us Medium Satan.

    Fear and loathing of the prospect that the UK would no longer be a reliable ally in spreading a bloody swathe of freedom and democracy throughout the Middle East? After all, those expensive floating gay discos the Royal Navy just launched aren’t there to defend *us*.

    The full monty demonisation of poor, hapless Corbo is reminiscent of the insanely hateful propaganda campaigns against Trump and Brexit – any potential material change to the status quo is treated to the sort of fulminantly fervid hostility that used to greet people who said Jehovah out loud.

  7. Political party membership is subject to fads and fashion just like anything else. They’ll have had a surge of Corbynites who rushed to the cause who are now ebbing away. We had a surge of members locally in the aftermath of “winning” the EU election, almost all of whom have not renewed and have disappeared.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    If the left didn’t make every utterance they don’t like akin to fascism perhaps I’d have some sympathy with every one of their utterances about Israel being turned in to anti semitism.

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