It’s the lying, the lying

Jennifer Francis: ‘We cannot wait’
We need to immediately stop subsidizing all aspects of the fossil fuel industry. According to this report, the fossil fuel industry received $66bn in 2016, while renewables (excluding nuclear) only received $9.5bn.

From the extended version of her source:

Biodiesel Producer Tax Credita (26 U.S.C. 6426)

This is counted as a subsidy to fossil fuels, not renewables. A few billion a year as well.


6 thoughts on “It’s the lying, the lying”

  1. In topsy turvy green world, not taxing the oil industry as much as they think you should counts as a subsidy. Calling bio fuel a fossil fuel to suit your argument is a new one to me though.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’ve just been reading this from the Greens in Germany:

    “ Through loan-financed investment programs, “we can return the tax revenue from CO2 pricing to the people,” explains Robert Habeck. “If you choose the competitors, they get a higher carbon price and the money stays in the state.”

    Spud level of bonkers.

  3. ‘Calling bio fuel a fossil fuel to suit your argument is a new one to me though.’

    New to me too, Stonyground.

  4. The report says in black and white that 45% of subsidies were to/for “renewable energy”, 42% were on “end uses” e.g. reducing energy use by improving efficiency. That leaves 13% for fossil fuels plus nuclear.
    If you go to Table 3 you discover that 7% is for “Conservation”, 8% for coal, 1% for trasmission (which includes transmission of wind-generated electricity), and *minus* 5% for petroleum liquids.
    That she rounded $6.682bn to $6.6bn can be attributed to the chronic innumeracy of Grauniad journalists but the rest …

  5. Also, why would she think you need to exclude nuclear from renewables – its not a renewable energy source.

    She’s got it all wrong from top to bottom.

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