Just a little thought

How tax can shape society if we understand modern monetary theory

OK. But what if we disagree with your views on how society should be shaped, or reshaped?

Even, should we reject MMT because it would give you that power?

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  1. Well yes. The effect on society of the green rubbish has always been a major factor in my dislike of climate change.

    Though even more important has been my conclusion that what the woke are advocating simply wouldn’t do what they claim.

  2. But almost like quantum theory, anyone who “understands” MMT, doesn’t understand MMT…

  3. Those so minded have always been able to use tax to “shape society”: MMT has never been necessary.

    Indeed the selling point for MMT amongst the credulous is precisely that it permits the delusion that governments can spend without taxing.

    Once the delusion has been punctured and the need to tax acknowledged, arguments over the design of the tax system between “society-shapers” and everyone else are back to where they were before.

  4. Of course – it’s quite simple.
    Impose Capital Gains Tax on all “nominal” (notional) then introduce MMT and you can destroy the middle class just leaving the very rich who own profitable businesses or enough property to never need to sell and the lumpenproletariat – and, of course the nomenklatura who state-provided incomes are inflation-proofed.
    Hyperinflation is wonderful for labour-supporting highly-geared property speculators like Harry Hyams

  5. Off topic but WTF

    “Mr Zahawi said: “We’re moving from ‘you must’ to ‘you are expected’ to wear a mask in indoor spaces.””

    The backtracking is under way.

  6. A spectacular tantrum even by his standards. I wonder what has happened here. Did the TJN refuse to fund him?

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