Just a thought on wealth inequality

Apparently having wealthy people around is a bad thing. There are those who insist that the mere existence of billionaires is harmful – rather than it being a reflection of inflation.

So, UK. Jeff Bezos is about to strap himself to a column of high explosive and light the fuse. If this moves from controlled to uncontrolled burning then Jeff Bezos will be in many more pieces than he’s currently planning to be.

This would remove one of those hateful and harmful billionaires.

OK, so how would this benefit wider human society?

19 thoughts on “Just a thought on wealth inequality”

  1. OK, so how would this benefit wider human society?

    Depends what is in his will.

    I, Jeffrey Bezos being of sound mind leave all my estate to the cats’ home down the road.

  2. Come on man. Two unpleasant people are determined to do something dangerous. How does that not add to the gaiety of the nation?

  3. You can bet your bottom dollar that if Bezos et al are splattered into a million pieces the Guardian /BBC crowd will denounce them for being selfish for abandoning their businesses that hundreds of thousands rely on for their livelihoods etc etc. Alive they are vilified for being evil money grabbing scum, dead they will be vilified for having the temerity to die on their own terms. Don’t you know its the Left’s job to decide when they should die???????

  4. The rise of the billionaire is of course the inevitable consequence of the development of society – probably the internet more than most things.

    In the olden days, the best maker of widgets in your town was probably the person you bought widgets from. They might have been crap widgets but they were the best you could source.

    Now you can source widgets from around the world and get the best. Which means whoever makes those widgets is going to sell a lot of them. And might become a billionaire in so doing. The maker of those crap widgets will go out of business. The profits he used to make are now going to someone else.

    The customer is better off. The maker of those amazing widgets is better off. The maker of those crap widgets is worse off but the people most put out are the Left, who can only see a billionaire.

  5. OK, so how would this benefit wider human society?

    In the case of Bezos, he’s already handed over the reins of the business and is now free to agitate for left wing politics. His demise might be for the greater good. Indeed, there’s a whole gaggle of these bastards in one place at the moment . . .

    . . . rather than it being a reflection of inflation.

    So it’s a thing now?

  6. Sure inflation is a thing. $1 in 1900 is about the same in purchasing power as $32 now. And very much higher as percentage of GDP etc.

    So, if there was anyone with $30 million in 1900 then we should have billionaires now, just from inflation.

  7. What I’m more interested in is whether Bezos is planning to further develop his tourist toy.

    As it is, he and Musk have working vehicles. On a development schedule that so far outstrips NASA in speed and success that it isn’t even a race anymore.
    With the ex-Soviets dead in the water, ESA bogged in bureaucracy, and the south-asians rapidly developing spacey stuff, those Bastard Billionaires are effectively the only way to keep up.

    Heinlein turned out to be pretty accurate with his Harriman Industries..

  8. I definitely hope a creepy, deep state connected billionaire weirdo who uses his vast wealth to tell the plebs outrageous lies and agitate for their economic and demographic destruction while aggressively trying to exclude them from a political process which is now based entirely on fraud and theft for the benefit of the looter class and their corporate donors doesn’t end up as off-putting crispy salsa.

    I don’t think my sides could handle it.

  9. Jeff Bezos’s $200bn fortune will pay for 1/6th of Joe Biden’s $1.2trn infrastructure bill. Rather puts it into perspective.

  10. Andrew C,

    It’s not specifically about internet but about things like brands, processes, designs and software, all of which you can copy an infinite times. If you were to look at something like cars, there’s a lot less car makers than there were in the 1970s because of the same things. The crap companies like Lancia and Yugo disappeared and Toyota got to be huge. Toyota figured out how to make cars really well and replicated that.

    So it’s much easier to have global thing today. And the winner of that contest becomes a billionaire.

  11. Er, Tim, are you talking about millionaires or “dollar millionaires”? BoE inflation calculator shows £1 in 1900 as equivalent to £125.7 in 2020. So anyone worth £8m in 1900 was a billionaire in today’s money.

  12. I look out of the window and keep seeing the world more and more turning into Heinlein’s distopia. Freedom of speech for me but not thee, demands to abolish measures of ability for entrance to education, assertions of crazy nonsense as fact. I’m only worried where Nehemiah Scudder might be. Thing is, he wouldn’t need voter intimidation to get elected, he’d get a landslide.

  13. @jgh I don’t think Scudder is possible anymore in the US ( even though he’s full-present in Iran..).

    Closer to The mad worlds of “I Will Fear No Evil” and “Friday”, methinks.

  14. Someone pointed out in a thread somewhere that you need rich people to buy cool stuff before it can become available to the proles. Aviation and mobile phones were the examples given IIRC. Initially flying was reserved for the rich they even had a name, ‘The Jet Set’. If people who could afford to fly had not existed, flying would never have become cheap enough for everyone to do it. Cars, mobile phones, whatever, they start out being made in small numbers and hence expensive so that only the elite can afford them. Someone then applies the economies of scale to make a cheaper version that the middle classes can afford, you can make more units because the middle class folk are more numerous than the really rich. Eventually the product can be made cheaply enough for anyone to afford.

  15. @Andrew M – July 10, 2021 at 10:14 am

    Jeff Bezos’s $200bn fortune will pay for 1/6th of Joe Biden’s $1.2trn infrastructure bill. Rather puts it into perspective.

    Or, if subject to more egalitarian treatment as espoused by the more loony left, it could be confiscated in total and spread evenly amongst the population of the world… What would you like to do with your $28.57? 🙂

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