Just to put this Donald Trump tax thing in perspective

Treasury Secretary-nominee Timothy Geithner has told a Senate panel at his confirmation hearing that his failure to pay $34,000 in taxes was a careless mistake.

6 thoughts on “Just to put this Donald Trump tax thing in perspective”

  1. So they crawled up the arse of the Trump organisation and some trivial benefit in kind evasion is the best they could find?

    Trump truly was the only honest politician.

  2. Yes, but to put it into further perspective, they’ve just jailed a policeman for 22 years for fear of the negroes after forensically proving he couldn’t possibly be guilty of murder.

    They have the full power of the federal government tracking down and persecuting people for peacefully protesting the comically obvious Third World style election fraud that led to the “election” of a senile pedophile who can’t stop chatting up children in public, while people who literally burned their cities to the ground last summer walk free.

    And Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.

    The USA is a shitty banana republic run by drooling retards in clown shoes. No doubt Dennis will report in from the local mosque to explain how it’s us wogs who are wrong.

  3. To be fair… I would like to be able to make “careless mistakes” to that tune…


  4. Let’s be clear about Geithner’s ‘careless mistake’, which, IIRC he blamed on Turbotax software at the time – like a person in his position did his own income taxes on Turbotax.

    He was told at the time, by the agency paying him the income, what his tax obligation would be. Yet he did not report it. If that’s a ‘careless mistake’, then I’m going to throw my next W2 in the trash unopened, pay zero Federal income taxes, and the plead a ‘careless mistake’. I wonder how that will go.



  5. Most importantly, does any of this affect the daily lives of average Americans? Because those people spent the past year dealing with 300% increases in crime and activist pogroms, only to to hear their mayors, governors, representatives and senators tell them AntiFa is “just an idea.”

    This, on the other hand, seems more like inside-baseball bullshit.

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