Local news for local people

It’s entirely true that a local newspaper needs a local link to a story. That’s just how it works. But this might be a tad of a stretch for a story about Jeff Bezos stepping down as CEO:

A BILLIONAIRE tycoon who indirectly runs two large warehouses in the North East has today handed over the reins, according to reports


Yes, it’s all true, and yet……

3 thoughts on “Local news for local people”

  1. The local paper in Ayr reports the news abut Donald Trump as “Turnberry Hotel owner says….”.

  2. Ha! Many years ago the then Dorset Evening Echo ran a front page story with the headline “DORSET MAN SEES POPE”.

    Turns out, it wasn’t an audience. Just that he’d been in St Peter’s sq. when the pope popped out for a quick wave at the faithful…

  3. The Press and Journal said something like “Aberdeenshire businessman wins election”.

    But then it has the reputation of reporting the Titanic disaster with “Aberdeen man lost at sea”.

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