Ms. Valenti is confused

Men who only want to marry housewives prop up systemic hurdles in working women’s career paths.

Umm, why? How?

Someone confined to being a housewife rather opens the door to a career woman, doesn’t it? One less body competing for that powerskirt?

And why is it the men solely to blame here? If housewifery damages career paths for non-housewives then why aren’t those women – and there are indeed some – who desire to be housewives equally at least to blame?

But then this is to demand logic in a Valenti column, sorry, tsk, how could I?

11 thoughts on “Ms. Valenti is confused”

  1. Dennis, Clear-Eyed As Always

    And those bimbos who’d rather be a working girl than a housewife are free to not marry said men.

    Amazing how that works.

    Of course, Valenti’s idea of a proper marriage is where she’s sitting in an easy chair smoking a cigar and her husband is busy vacuuming the floors while wearing high heels and a french maid outfit. And if you’ve ever seen a photo of her husband, you know that’s probably what he’s doing at this very moment.

  2. It’s reasonable to suppose that women who have children and take a career break to look after them are doing it of their own free will. Abortions are so easy to get these days.

  3. I’m a hero. I tried to read her column and actually skimmed through most of it.

    The words that came to mind were where the character says, ‘I don’t mind her being a nice girl. But she wants to make a nice girl out of me!!’

    Perhaps they were right in the good old days. Maybe there should just be mens jobs and womens jobs, and neither lot should have to put up with the other.

  4. Dennis @ 5.41 – Lucky bastard. Oh, sorry, I thought you said HE was sitting in a chair etc…….

    I’m friends with a married couple. She has never (ever) worked one day in her life outside the home. Neither did her mother. They all appear very happy with the arrangement.
    Not one penny of Income tax or National Insurance contributed towards their pension or national health use though….

  5. The Meissen Bison

    Men who only want to marry housewives prop up systemic hurdles in working women’s career paths

    Umm, why? How?

    The crime of these men is that they normalise housewives. To normalise is the opposite of to cancel and housewives should be cancelled in order not to distract working women from their career paths

  6. That archetype of toxic masculinity, Marc Almond expressed it in Say Hello Wave Goodbye where he wants to find

    A nice little housewife
    Who’ll give me a steady life
    And won’t keep going off the rails.

  7. If women weren’t so bloody thick they would understand that feminism is a lesbian ideology. The leading lights of the movement are all dykes. Now imagine the manosphere led by the likes of Elton John and Graham Norton and you can easily see how ridiculous that is.

  8. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    Actually, the leading lights were – almost to a man – mentally ill lesbians.

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