My word, isn’t this a shame?

Fox News, the conservative cable heavyweight, elected not to dedicate air time to President Joe Biden’s Tuesday address in Philadelphia,

The idea of a free media being that it is the media which decides what is broadcast, no?

You know, like Salon has been so supportive of everyone carrying what Trump says/said, right?

20 thoughts on “My word, isn’t this a shame?”

  1. If they want to subject the American public to more of the senile child-sniffer’s salivations, mibbe they should bring back Chris Hansen for a very special episode of To Catch A Predator.

    Pretty astonishing how quickly the US is turning into a Third World country tho, “voting rights” just means legalising the massive fraud of the Joepedo’s “election”. Everybody knows this, but nobody cares about shamelessly lying anymore, because it’s half past “Who? Whom?” o’clock.

    Nota Benny that every multi-billion dollar woke corporation that is fully, 100% in favour of Yanks being forced to show ID if they want to buy a handgun, get on an aeroplane, or vote for a union is also completely, and very aggressively, in favour of ensuring elections are decided via untraceable suitcases full of ballots “discovered” by Democratic Party operatives, forever.

    The free market isn’t gonna fix this one, and neither is the GOP. Best case scenario is the US dissolves into Soviet-style peaceful bankruptcy/secession by 2040. Only, for all their many faults and crimes, the USSR still produced men of courage who loved their country. The Kremlin circa 1983 was a hospital ward, yes, but a hospital ward full of men who fought in WW2 and had no intention of allowing their country to be invaded again.

    The Washington regime is more like what would happen if Caligula was extremely gay and virulently hated Romans for some reason.

  2. Raytheon asks white employees to deconstruct their identities and “identify [their] privilege.” The company argues that white, straight, Christian, able-bodied, English-speaking men are at the top of the intersectional hierarchy – and must work on “recognizing [their] privilege” and “step aside” in favor of other identity groups. According to outside diversity consultant Michelle Saahene, whites “have the privilege of individuality,” while minorities “don’t have that privilege.”

    Critical Race Theory has reached even the world’s second biggest defence contractor. So at least as the bombs drop we’ll know they’re being dropped by people who voted the right way.

  3. If being an individual gives you priviledge, then….. be an individual.
    Hold on, but also being part of multiple groupings gives you privilege. Ok, don’t be an individual, be a mamber of multiple groups.

  4. Dearieme – kek

    philip – I honestly don’t understand why anyone still self-identifies as white. Mibbe they’re slow learners. As a strong, proud, Black man of colour myself, I don’t give a fuck about intersectional arsesniffery and it’s also physically impossible for me to be racist against my fellow coloured chappies

  5. Senile CCP Joe arrived in Philly to a monster crowd of 50–40 of whom were press hacks. Strange for a turd who got the 81 million vote record so far.

  6. philip,

    “Critical Race Theory has reached even the world’s second biggest defence contractor. So at least as the bombs drop we’ll know they’re being dropped by people who voted the right way.”

    What do you mean “reached even”? Government contractors are clients of the state. They make all the same fashionable noises as the state to keep the business.

  7. It’s only fair that the munitions used to bomb hapless dusky peasants into a bloody pulp are produced by diverse Americans of colour. It’s probably not even racist when they do it.

    I must have missed the bit where Raytheon’s senior management stepped aside themselves.

  8. Remember when Trump and Pence were giving much-needed updates on the COVID-19 situation, and CNN/NBC/ABC/CBS totally aired his press conferences?

    It’s not like they cut the feed and switched to partisan commentary from Sanjay Gupta or anything.

    But I’m sure that’s not as bad as ignoring a senile racist rambling about how democrats need to be able to cheat in elections.

  9. Obviously, being high value-add people with vast competences and all, the privileged executives of Raytheon are standing aside themselves to make space for others.

    Until they’ve all checked their privilege and departed, there’s no reason to do anything…

  10. Fox News conservative? Compared to the Chinese Communist Party, maybe. Fox is as middle of the road as a news channel can get.

  11. …elected by the photocopiers of the USA.

    That’s Photocopier-Americans to you.

    Their pronouns are xe/rox.

  12. It’s astonishing how quickly the US is going to Utter ruin.

    What’s really astonishing is how quickly we’re doing it as well.

  13. I stumbled across some moderately funny, quite clever YouTube content by guy called Ryan Long looking at modern America. Including why Wokes and Racists agree on everything.

    “You have White Privilege”
    – “I agree, being white is a Privilege”

    “I think Blacks should shop in black owned stores”
    – “So do I”

    How they both assign characteristics based on racial identity….and so on.

    Also, pretty ballsy filming in the streets with “Racist” in big letters on a T-shirt.

    Worth a look.

    There’s a few of his videos – I like the one on full gender equality – there SHOULD be more women working down coal mines.

  14. I suppose that some good might come out of Raytheon’s actions… Employing and promoting by “culture” rather than competence should ensure that the munitions that they manufacture will be less-and-less functional and effective, and thus kill and maim less people.

    For example, Boeing’s “technical problems” with their new ranges of aircraft seem to be marching hand-in-hand with their increasingly woke company culture.

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