NGOs want audit reform

So, taking only those organisations I know that the P³ founded or is a part of I make it 4 out of 12, or 33%, which are the P³. Of those organisations on that masthead that is.

Which is, I think we can all agree, a very wide range of NGO and civil society thinking, don’t you?

A group of NGOs and academics has ve signed a joint declaration. for audit reform. I have done so for the Corporate Accountability Network, which I direct

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  1. He reminds me more and more of Peter Glaze: “In Crackerjack! sketches, he usually played a pompous or middle-class character,….”.

  2. Tim

    Lest we think he’s just a moron he has co -produced an ‘award-wining’ (sic) paper apparently.

    Additionally if you get caught out this summer at sea there might be a delay in the RNLI reaching you as they should surely be following his advice to ‘take the knee’

    And as a’ veteran follower of Ipswich town’ he attributes the popularity of the England national team to them taking the knee prior to matches. Together with another swipe at the current government. The evidence of mental degradation continues to grow with each day….

  3. This from the execrable (and possibly satirical) Pilgrim slight Return made me chuckle:

    ‘Personally I don’t want an England win at all especially under this horrific Tory Government who are going to milk it for all the wrong reasons. The bigger picture is that the Tories are still in charge and that means the media too to a large extent.

    I was hoping for a ‘Jesse Owens’ moment last night – a fascist nation taught a lesson by a country that does things it seems a lot better. Oh well, the Devil looks after his own right?

    Last night I did some work instead – I got loads done. I did watch the Italy-Spain match however which was excellent.

    As you know I’m a student of Timothy Snyder – the arch ‘woke’ scholar of fascism – and I’ve been struck by his observation about fascist /pre-fascist behaviour and attitudes which I see in the fascist-like notion of national injustice and ‘imagined victimhood’ in football than we have about the victims of austerity, Covid mismanagement, BREXIT and Tory lying. I find it all deeply discomforting. I even heard that the Danish free kick only worked because our goal keeper was obstructed apparently! The Danish goal was even an injustice created by a corrupt and malign enemy! I mean it’s bollocks. From what I heard, Harry Kane spent most of his time falling over in a vain search for free kicks and penalties.

    We apparently all suffer because we have failed to repeat 1966, we are all victims. We apparently deserve better for some reason and we talk of bringing football ‘home’. Well, not me – I’m a victim of austerity and BREXIT. I’m a victim of my Government who is telling me it can’t afford pensions and the NHS. Sod football and all those over-paid players I say, knees taken or not.

    We all suffer because we’ve had Governments failing to keep their promises. Yet time and again we are presented with alternative enemies (Iraq, the EU, the German football team etc.,) when the biggest enemy is home grown – politicians in the pockets of the global rich.

    Football is just soma for the masses in my view – a mass distraction during a time when we are being ripped off left, right and centre.

    I’d certainly invite people however to watch a documentary called ‘Whistle to Whistle’ about the Belgian football team and their manager (in my view, England has had a very easy route to the semi-finals than Belgium, France, Germany etc,). It is a story of ambition underpinned by real investment towards a goal of being the best in football.

    Imagine if that thinking at a national level could be taken out of football and put back into the NHS, pensions, children’s services, social care? That’s what we need folks. Football success will not solve the lack we see elsewhere.’

  4. Herr Oberst Professor Kartoffel displays his delusional fuckwitted ignorance by citing the Belgium national team having the hardest route. Belgium, no 1 in the FIFA rankings going into the tournament were drawn in their group just like the other groups, out of a pot of balls. (Who here misses Graham Kelly doing the FA Cup draws? “Give the balls another shake, Trevor”). How many of the current Belgium squad actually play in the Belgian league? Zero. They predominantly play in the English Premier League or Serie A or La Liga. Plus, their manager is Portuguese and the assistant manager is French.

  5. Oh dear. That’s a first. I find myself agreeing with PSR. Although not for the same reasons.
    Because an England win in the final (it is the final is it?) will be inevitably hijacked by all & sundry to validate whatever particular piece of drivel they’re pushing.
    FFS! It’s 22 grossly overpaid men chasing a bit of plastic around a field. The most intelligent lifeform you’re likely to find there is the grass. It will prove nothing whatsoever about anything else. It will say nothing about national character, the state of the nation or about individual Brits. Apart from some of them seem to lose their senses periodically.
    The fortunes of the UK do not depend on a football score.

  6. An NGO is a Non Governmental Organisation. In which case, who pays for them or provides the funding for them? If the money comes from a government department, then they are a Government Organisation and, as such, their funding should be publicly declared. If they exist purely through charitable donations, then they are charity, have no say in government decisions, though can make suggestions.
    The fact that NGOs seem to have an increased say in government decisions is a cause for concern. Either they are of the government, or they are not, in which case, they should be told to f*ck off.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    I watched a bit of the England v Denmark game, first football for about 30 years, and was soon bored. The England v Wales U20 game was far more entertaining, if not exactly top class rugby.

  8. The Meissen Bison

    BiS: The most intelligent lifeform you’re likely to find there is the grass.

    But to be fair they do kneel on it in recognition of your point.

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