No, Love, domestic abuse ain’t speshul

The problem for Sarah – and for thousands of domestic abuse victims and survivors across the country – is that there is a six-month limit on prosecuting common assault.
In theory some of these domestic abuse cases might be picked up by other offences. Repeated or serious violence can be charged as aggravated bodily harm (ABH) where no time limits apply.
That is why I am putting forward an amendment to the law with cross-party support, to extend the time limit on common assault in domestic abuse cases.

No, the law is magisterial in its equality, the rich get to sleep under bridges just as do the poor.

Common assault is common assault whether it’s by a bloke of a bird, educating Owen Jones or by a bird on a bloke.

There’s nowt speshul about domestic abuse. If it’s common assault then that’s what it is. And if it’s ABH, GBH, attempted murder and all the rest then that’s also what it is.

8 thoughts on “No, Love, domestic abuse ain’t speshul”

  1. The limit avoids blackmail, and/or calling the police over an argument about new curtains with the claim that four years ago hubby assaulted wifie.

  2. Does the bill mention funding coz, something else is going to get dropped, quite possibly benefiting the Saturday night punch up fraternity.

  3. Can’t we ask Ed Balls to knock some sense into this bird? The problem lies not in the limitation but the unwillingness of domestic abuse victims to bear witness.

    It’s the exact reverse of the rape prosecution problem: the truth is absolutely plain to outsiders, and still conviction rates are low.

  4. “… or by a bird on a bloke.”
    I’d love to see that enforced. If it was, half the women in the country would have criminal records. That’d shut ’em up. Including Yvette Cooper. How anyone could fail to give Ed Balls a slap is a low probability event.

  5. Here’s a question. If Megan gives Harry a stinger over his failure to accommodate her sense of victimhood, is that Lese Majesty?

  6. Are the people proposing this the same ones wanting self-certifying trannies to be allowed access to womens’ prisons, womens’ refuges and rape crisis centres?

  7. A temporary extension due to court backlogs caused by the lockdown seems a sensible thing for all cases/offences that are time bound, however worth remembering there is nothing as permanent as a temporary government measure.

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