No, this is the other lot

A cutting-edge start-up founded by a quartet of British university scientists has been valued at $3.2bn (£2.3bn) in one of the largest bets yet on a breakthrough that it is claimed will revolutionise computing.

PsiQuantum, launched by professors at the University of Bristol and Imperial College London, has raised $450m from backers including BlackRock, Microsoft and Scotland’s Baillie Gifford.

Our reader here, who is also a British professor of quantum computing, is in the other lot. Who have not just been invested in at such a valuation.

3 thoughts on “No, this is the other lot”

  1. Ah..photonics..

    To be fair, judging from their site they’re light on the Soon™ and their point about what it takes to actually build a functioning processor is solid.
    And even if the “quantum” bit doesn’t pan out, the basic tech is also a serious option for “discrete” computing.

    To quote the Mythbusters: “Plausible”.

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