Not wholly, no

Robert Downey Sr
Arthouse director and father of the Hollywood actor of the same name whose film Putney Swope is cited as a cult classic

The son’s name is Robert Downey Jr……..

6 thoughts on “Not wholly, no”

  1. Never to sure about parents name their children after themselves. One has to question the motives. My father did it to me. I suspect I know what his were.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    The son’s name is Robert Downey Jr

    No it isn’t – the “Junior” does not appear on his birth certificate in much the same way as Mrs Bloggins across the road is not styled as such in official documents.

  3. Robert Downey Junior is *named* Robert Downey – same as his father. The senior/junior/2nd/3rd/etc are just used to distinguish between them.

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