Now, this truly is excellent news

Fully jabbed Scots may be allowed on holiday with no isolation
Nicola Sturgeon hopeful that vaccination success will soon open up international travel

Apparently they’ve created a vaccine against being Scottish. Or perhaps it’s against displaying typically Scots behaviour. But welcome all the same. For who would want to have to confront a porridge wog if they’d not been vaccinated?

10 thoughts on “Now, this truly is excellent news”

  1. Just more gaslighting for virus/vax mugs. Yes you can /No you cant/ Maybe next month….

    As The Jesus observed “Bush League psych out stuff…laughable”

    And more steps to vax pass shite by Wee Kuntie.

  2. Sturgeon can *ahem* allow anything she wants, but last time I checked the matter of letting UK-ians, including scots, in under which restrictions is well outside her jurisdiction.

    The way it looks now, anyone from the UK had better plan a long holiday allowing for those two weeks of quarantine, vaccinated or not. And I can’t see that change much in the next four weeks.

  3. Give them an inch etc.
    Wee krankie and the Natzis may stand on the dungheap and preach about rules for the them in full knowledge that there is bugger all stopping anyone flying from Manchester, Newcastle etc etc which are only a couple of hours drive from 85% of the Scottish population

  4. A politician graciously finds it in her heart to imagine that she might, just might, begin to permit her subjects to engage in private contracts between consenting parties.

    We are so grateful, Lady (no, Princess) Sturgeon, so grateful that you would even begin to think of it.

  5. After Jimmy Krankie’s evil twin banned people from Manchester from stepping foot on the hallowed grounds of Jockland, why can’t we ban the Scots from entering any part of England? After all, last time we let them in, only a week or so ago, they infected thousands of Brits.

  6. @Nessi

    It’s nearly 4 hours to drive from Manchester to Glasgow. It’s a long way to Jockland – you think when you pass Lancaster you’re nearly there, but you’re only halfway.

  7. Chris, it might be 4 hours but for an annual holiday thats nothing, compared to a caravan holiday at 60 mph.
    ( In the dim and distant past, Aberdeen to Manchester could be done in 4 hrs, Glasgow to Manchester in 2 1/2, hire cars eh)

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