Professor can’t read chart

This is near latest data on new Covid cases, comparing the UK and Europe, and using data from the FT:


The UK is aberrational: remember the EU is five times the size of the UK in population terms.

Err, yes, but you’ve noted that the chart, from the FT, is rates per 100k? Rate, not number?

We are going to abandon all public health precautions, even though the growth in case rates suggests that there may be 70,000 cases a day by July 19.

Err, no, it’s a rate per 100k, not a reading of how many thousands of cases there are. He’s reading 30 as being 30 k cases a day, double that, add a bit, 70k!

I may of course be wrong,

Ya think?

And pharmaceutical companies gain. They are already guaranteed billions and maybe trillions in profit from Covid as a result of vaccine manufacture. The US and EU have refused to open up vaccines for all, for free: market interests have already come first. And now it seems that the aim is to make sure that new variants can develop. This will perpetuate demand for vaccines as any possibility of controlling and effectively containing Covid is abandoned. This then will create a demand for updated vaccines when an elimination strategy would remove this source of profit for the pharmaceutical companies.

So, we are to suffer the raw harshness of market-based logic so that some in that market, with rights reinforced by the state, can profit unduly.

Err, yes. Nurse, tinfoil shortage for hat-making in Ely!

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  1. The last paragraph is not wrong. Leaky vaccines promote variants the same way germs which survive curtailed courses of antibiotics lead to resistant variants. There will be a vaccine every year, just like with flu. Much money will be made. Whether that is a tinfoil hat theory or just the way things are will be revealed in due course.

    My own solution to the variant problem is to return to normal. 99% of the people dying are not dying of or with covid.

  2. Apparently it’s not at all clear that flu jabs are worthwhile. I’ve been taking them dutifully for years. Should I continue?

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    As at 26 June UK was carrying out approx. 15.3 tests per 100k pop and increasing, France 3.6 and Germany 1.2, both with decreasing numbers of tests. Seek and ye shall find.

    Furthermore, there’s already concerns in Germany that the rate of decline in cases has slowed right down and they are worrying about the Delta variant causing an increase.

  4. dearieme, it’s quite incidental if the countries or indeed individuals with higher flu jab rates have higher covid deaths.

    Yes, that ‘if’ means if, I can’t find out for sure.

  5. The Spectator Covid data tracker is very good ( first linked by BiND I think).
    Death rates for the UK are at or below the majority of European countries, despite us having more cases. I reckon we are not only testing many more people, but we’re probably over cycling the PCR tests. And we appear to have broken the link between cases and deaths.

  6. I would have thought the events in New Zealand and Australia have shown the extreme idiocy of pursuing a ‘Zero COVID’ policy. He really does have an almost ‘reverse Midas touch’ – an uncanny ability to back the wrong horse in every circumstance.

    Truly a man whose knowledge is without a beginning – and yet he was hired by multiple ‘institutions of higher education’ – if that doesnt confirm the need to radically reduce the size of the UK university sector I don’t know what does

  7. AstraZeneca is committed – thanks to the UK’s best university – to making zero billions of profit from the pandemic; Glaxo is currently showing a massive loss on its vaccine development, which it will probably never recover, because some Sanofi guy allocated the wrong size of dose for its clinical trials.
    So Murphy, speaking from his comfortable ex-patriate home, tells his UK readers that they are guaranteed multi-billion profits. We are expected to believe that the Pharmaceutical companies have arm-twisted the EU and USA to selective ban themselves from export markets!

  8. Cvm spattered faces over at TRUK

    Ivan Horrocks says:
    July 5 2021 at 8:41 am
    There have been many times over the more than a decade that I’ve been reading your blog that you’ve written something that absolutely and categorically hits the nail on the head, Richard, and this is another such occasion…………….

    Richard Murphy says:
    July 5 2021 at 9:43 am
    We are in agreement

  9. Bravefart

    Minds that are as close to pure evil as is possible outside the Dark web are in sync – not exactly either a surprise or any less nauseating.

    Thanks for leaving me with that image however….

  10. This is another case where having made a wrong decision, the person becomes emotionally attached to it. It explains how the 419 scam works, repeatedly. Once you are asked to make a bank transfer to a Nigerian bank, you might ask why the scammer can receive bank transfers but not send any money. But no, they keep doubling down.

    I wonder if this person is investing in Nigerian bank fees, sweeteners for permits to bypass exchange controls and so forth. It would explain the move from a manor house to a terrace cottage.

  11. Seem to recall that some study found that for people under 60 the side effects of the flu vaccine meant more missed days work overall than the rate to be expected if unvaccinated and some people catching flu normally.
    It was part of an argument for flu vaccines not being mandatory for Health staff maybe.
    Certainly locally we have had a recent ruling from the provincial Supreme Court that flu vaccines cannot be mandatory so going to be interesting to see what happens for Covid shots here.

  12. @BraveFart – it’s as if their running a competition over there as to who can get their tongue furthest up the potato’s arsehole.

    as for the title” The UK is a dangerous experiment that is a threat to the rest of the world” he really either needs to dramatically up his meds or reduce them as he’s sounding even more deranged than usual.

  13. Moqifen

    I mean the last paragraph is literally insane – I don’t normally link to the clown but this is simply too good to ignore:

    ‘ What I hope is that the rest of the world realises this. I hope they call it out. I sincerely hope that they isolate us, as would be the only rational reaction, starting with a block on UK attendance at the Olympics, I would suggest. And then they might have a hope of being protected from our insanity. But it would only be a small hope. We are literally threatening the well-being of the world right now. And that is unforgivable.’

  14. How can market interests have come first when the Oxford vaccine made by AstraZenica is being sold on a non-profit basis?

  15. I can’t see the Olympic angle.. All national delegations should be fully vaccinated, and most likely in “lockdown”, sorry “bubble”…, already. Can’t risk one idiot disqualifying the entire delegation because of a stray infection, after all..

    And any qualifying athlete is working towards peak performance now… They can’t afford even a minor sniffle. Let alone attracting a CoVid infection..

    Could it be that Faux-Professore actually has no idea about… oh wait… It is Faux-Professore we’re talking about.. How silly of me…

  16. We know that repeated flu shots against the same strain can leave people unable to deal with sufficiently mutated influenza viruses, as the immune system becomes trained to create antibodies specific to that one original strain. If it encounters a virus that’s drifted too far from the one against which you’ve been repeatedly vaccinated, the immune response is inadequate, but the body refuses to generate the correct antibodies (the Hoskins effect – “Recent observations have provided convincing evidence that reduced vaccine effectiveness after sequential influenza vaccination is a real phenomenon.”)

    And we know that repeated flu shots also leave you unable to deal with some coronaviruses (“a randomized placebo-controlled trial in children showed that flu shots increased fivefold the risk of acute respiratory infections caused by a group of noninfluenza viruses, including coronaviruses.”)

    Why might this happen? Well, we have discovered that the relationship between influenza and corona viruses is close enough for healthy unvaccinated people to be protected from the SARS-CoV-2 virus by means of previous influenza infection (“our findings suggest that SARS-CoV-2 reactive T-cells are likely to be present in many individuals because of prior exposure to flu and CMV viruses.”)

    In other words, a natural flu infection in the past offers protection against the current SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in people whose immune systems are in working order. BUT, repeated flu vaccinations result in the patient’s immune system treating this coronavirus as a severely mutated flu virus, and being unable to mount an adequate, coronavirus-specific defence against it. The Hoskins effect again.

    I wonder whether it works the other way round too – repeated coronavirus vaccinations leaving you unable to tackle a flu infection. Let’s hope not. It would be an epic disaster this winter if that were so.

    (As usual, I’ll be happy to be corrected on all this by anyone better qualified than me.)

  17. The words of George Washington in 1789 spring to mind:
    “The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty and the destiny of the republican model of government are justly considered… deeply… finally, staked on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people”
    So the Spud is claiming that England is running an experiment now (I think the experiment has been done over in those Americas but hey ho). As a self-professed internationalist he should be pleased and await to see how it works out.

  18. Spud’s rewriting his history. Having predicted 600,000 deaths – 10,000 a day within weeks – back in April 2020, and 40,000 deaths because of the 12 week gap between vaccinations, he’s now claiming to have correctly predicted 150,000 in total.

    You can’t argue with lying like that.

  19. dearieme
    July 5, 2021 at 11:40 am

    Apparently it’s not at all clear that flu jabs are worthwhile. I’ve been taking them dutifully for years. Should I continue?


    I haven’t had a flu shot in . . . a decade and a half and only a couple in the 15 years before that – I’ve gotten the flu maybe once in my life. The vaccine won’t help against colds which are much more common and certainly easier to spread – if you get the flu you usually end up not able to work really fast while you can work through a cold (so end up spreading it through the office).

  20. Bloke in North Dorset

    Interesting reads from Paul, Somerset and got me thinking (dangerous at the best of times):

    Isn’t the flu jab a different one every year? Does that make a difference?

    I’ll be giving serious thought about the next flu jab.

  21. BiND: in the early 200’s the CDC bumped the criteria for flu death and diagnosis because the vax manufacturers complained and hey presto with loosened criteria they increased flu tenfold and vaxx became profitable. The Medical Industrial Complex is not new.

  22. @Bloke In North Dorset: My understanding is that the annual updates to the flu vaccines are in fact variants of the same set of basic flu strains. For instance, the 1918 flu and swine flu are both H1N1 subtypes.

    But I stress, I’m not a doctor. I worked for several years back in the eighties translating clinical trials and pharma patents, so I can follow and understand this stuff. But I don’t have the qualifications, and don’t pretend to. This is why I put ideas like this on here, because I’m keen on independently minded people pointing out where I might be simply speculating from a position of ignorance.

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